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In 1985, the City of Albany passed an ordinance requiring all designated historic buildings within the historic districts and those included on the City's official landmark inventory to go through a review process for exterior alterations, additions, and demolition. Review is by Planning staff or the Landmarks Advisory Commission (Roles and Responsibilities), depending on the request. New construction within the historic districts also requires historic review. The purpose for reviewing alterations is to encourage the preservation of characteristics, repairing rather than replacing, and when replacement is necessary, the replacement material should match the original material in composition, design, and texture.

Historic District Overlay Ordinance Article 7 (81K pdf) is online.

Historic Alteration Applications are available by clicking here
or in-person at City Hall in the Community Development Department.

Projects Requiring Historic Review

Exterior Alterations: Exterior alterations to buildings constructed before 1946 (rated either Historic Contributing or Historic Non-Contributing) require historic review either by staff or the Landmarks Advisory Commission. Examples of alterations include: additions, alterations to any existing exterior feature or element of the building, new window or door openings or changing the size of existing window and door openings.  The Landmarks Advisory Commission reviews alterations visible from the street.  Staff reviews minor alterations not visible from the street.

The Use of Substitute Materials: Replacing original materials (usually wood) with "substitute" materials requires review by the Landmarks Advisory Commission. This includes replacement of windows, doors, siding and trim, porch columns and railings, and decorative elements.  Substitution of a non-original material for a compatible material is reviewed by staff and considered an exterior alteration.

New Construction: New structures within the historic districts over 100 square feet require historic review. Projects visible from the street go to the Landmarks Advisory Commission for review.

Demolition or Relocation: Demolition of historic landmarks is an extreme and final measure. All Properties within the historic districts require demolition or relocation review. The Landmarks Advisory Commission reviews these requests.

Projects Exempt from Historic Review

Interior - ALL projects

Exterior - painting, general repair and maintenance, replacement of existing elements if it is done with the same materials, composition of shingle roof replacement to composition roofs and landscaping

Ratings Information

To find out what your property's rated, call Anne Catlin at 541-917-7560 or by e-mail.

Below is a description of the ratings used to classify properties within the historic districts.

Historic Contributing - properties that retain and exhibit sufficient integrity (materials, design, and setting) to convey a sense of history. These properties strengthen the historic character of the district.

Historic Non-contributing - properties that retain but do not exhibit sufficient historic features to convey a sense of history. These properties do not strengthen the historic character of the district in their current condition.

Non-contributing - properties from outside the period of significance, and properties that do not retain sufficient historic integrity to convey a sense of history. These properties do not strengthen the historic character of the district.