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Webmail for City Staff

Android Settings

  1. Press the settings icon (you may have to go to the all applications screen)
  2. Scroll to accounts & tap it
  3. Verify accounts already created
  4. Press “Add Account” button at bottom of window
  5. Tap Corporate
  6. Enter email address & password then press “Manual Setup”
  7. Security warning-hit continue
  8. Modify the username to be COA\”username” (the same username you use to log into your pc at work; leave out the COA\ if there’s a separate field for the domain)
  9. Domain = COA (if asked separately)
  10. Bring the cursor to the front of the exchange server field to add: webmail. so it reads:
  11. Check the box to use SSL certificates; do not check the next box to “Accept all SSL certificates”
  12. Press Next & then it should pause a few seconds while it’s processing 
  13. Choices: Mail check; contacts check; calendar check
  14. Hit finish setup
  15. End…
  16. Navigate back to Settings|accounts |Corporate|Account settings | select your city email account or general settings depending on what you want to change
  17. Then you come to a screen providing options for how email comes in (should be set to automatic/push), amount of history to sync, etc.
  18. If an error pops up instead, recheck your settings & re-enter the password carefully & try again.
  19. Your city email will now be under the Ap “Email”; you’ll have a choice there btw your other POP3 account (eg Comcast, Outlook, etc) and this exchange email (COA).

iPhone Settings

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendar & tap it
  3. Tap “Add Account”
  4. Tap “Exchange”
  5. Enter your city email address & password then press next
  6. It will present additional fields to fill in:
    • Server:
    • Domain: COA
    • Username: the username you use to login to any City pc
  7. Tap “Verify” in upper right corner
  8. Either accept the default settings of syncing Email, Contact, Calendar & Reminders or change the slider to turn off whichever ones you don’t want on your phone
  9. Tap “Save”
  10. Go to the Home screen then verify you’re getting emails; contacts & calendar appointments will take a few minutes longer to show up


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Non-Governmental Information and Link Policy for City of Albany Web Sites

The City of Albany links to a number of sites from outside City government. Citizens don't always know or care which agency provides a service or where to get particular information. The City provides links to these sites as a courtesy to our citizens.

The City of Albany makes decisions on what links to include on our web site, using the following guidelines:

  • Other governments and educational institutions in the state of Oregon, including individual school web sites.
  • Non-profit or public organizations that have some relationship to the City, usually contractual.
  • Utility and other service companies who have an established franchise agreement with the City.
  • Generally recognized community councils and organizations. If there is a question about the organization, the City Manager’s Office is consulted.
  • Major arts, cultural, sports, or other festivals of general interest to Albany citizens.
  • Major media outlets who are based in Albany, or regional outlets that regularly cover news stories in Albany.
  • General employment information in the Albany area.
  • Tourist information, principally from the Albany Visitors Association and Albany Downtown Association.

The City of Albany does not generally link to:

  • Corporate commercial sites; however, sites on the City's server may include links to member or sponsor organizations. The City will also include links to business sites if they are presented as part of an economic development page, directly related to City programs.
  • Individual personal home pages.
  • Generic third-party directory sites such as for internet/tv resellers and educational institutions.
  • National sites, although departments may include links to public interest associations and similar organizations.

The City of Albany does not link to:

  • Candidate sites or sites advocating a position on City or other ballot issues.
First Draft: November 2014


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