An Ordinance is the City Council exercising its legislative authority (making a law).

Posting policy for City ordinances:

  • New ordinances are usually added to the website within three weeks of adoption.
  • For ordinances prior to January 1, 2010, please submit a public records request.


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Non-Governmental Information and Link Policy for City of Albany Web Sites

The City of Albany links to a number of sites from outside City government. Citizens don't always know or care which agency provides a service or where to get particular information. The City provides links to these sites as a courtesy to our citizens.

The City of Albany makes decisions on what links to include on our web site, using the following guidelines:

  • Other governments and educational institutions in the state of Oregon, including individual school web sites.
  • Non-profit or public organizations that have some relationship to the City, usually contractual.
  • Utility and other service companies who have an established franchise agreement with the City.
  • Generally recognized community councils and organizations. If there is a question about the organization, the City Manager’s Office is consulted.
  • Major arts, cultural, sports, or other festivals of general interest to Albany citizens.
  • Major media outlets who are based in Albany, or regional outlets that regularly cover news stories in Albany.
  • General employment information in the Albany area.
  • Tourist information, principally from the Albany Visitors Association and Albany Downtown Association.

The City of Albany does not generally link to:

  • Corporate commercial sites; however, sites on the City's server may include links to member or sponsor organizations. The City will also include links to business sites if they are presented as part of an economic development page, directly related to City programs.
  • Individual personal home pages.
  • Generic third-party directory sites such as for internet/tv resellers and educational institutions.
  • National sites, although departments may include links to public interest associations and similar organizations.

The City of Albany does not link to:

  • Candidate sites or sites advocating a position on City or other ballot issues.
First Draft: November 2014

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