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Free! Donations encouraged • Saturdays at 10am in the LBCC forum

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January 9:
The Oregon Birdman

Zoologist, animal behaviorist, and wildlife educator Karl Anderson has been doing wildlife presentations for schools, libraries, children's hospitals, and nursing homes for over 25 years in Oregon, Washington, California, and Maryland. Formally educated at California State University, Los Angeles, he holds degrees in zoology and journalism. He was a keynote speaker for coast-to-coast shows for Animal Planet  in Florida, Washington, D.C., Colorado, and California, and has made appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, KCAL Channel 9 News, The Magic Hour, Good Day L.A., Home and Family, and several other shows. Karl personally designed and taught a wide variety of natural history and animal behavior courses for Palos Verdes Unified School District in California and has authored over 3,000 articles in newspapers and magazines, both nationally and internationally, many of which were focused on natural history.

January 23:
One World Taiko (Drums)

Taiko means "drum" in Japanese and One World Taiko is a professional Japanese drum ensemble that captivates audiences of all ages with their heart pounding beats, dynamic movement and rhythmic grooves. One World Taiko's music is drawn from Japan's tradition of lively festival drumming along with their own creative rhythms, arrangements and choreography, adding their energetic spirit to the ancient art of taiko.

They perform on drums ranging from the large odaiko, 4 feet by 2.5 feet, to the shimedaiko, the size of a snare drum. Their school performances feature traditional and original compositions interwoven with descriptions of the drums and other instruments and the history of Taiko. During a lively interactive section on how to play, a group of students are invited up to play the Taiko.


February 6: 
Traveling Lantern Theater Company doing Sherlock Holmes

traveling lantern

Solve a mystery with the world's most famous detective! Something's amiss, and now "the game's afoot!" for the brilliant scientist and criminologist, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. 

 Along with his trusted companion, Dr. Watson (played by a child volunteer), Holmes will follow the clues and solve the mystery with the audience's help.


February 20:
Alex Zerbe, Gravity Catastrophe!

alex zerbeAlex Zerbe is the world’s only professional Zaniac. He is a two-time Guinness World Record holder who uses his dynamic stage presence to excite students about science. His newest and greatest school assembly program is Gravity Catastrophe. The Zaniac takes a tornado of juggling skills, combines it with a whirlwind of science knowledge and sends it crashing directly into your student’s brain. With programs customized for grades Kindergarten-8th, your students will learn about...

  • Acceleration of Gravity
  • Center of Mass
  • Simple Machines
  • The Scientific Method
  • Centripetal Force
  • Angular Momentum
  • The Solar System

Your students will be captivated as The Zaniac transforms an audience volunteer into a model of the inner solar system (asteroid belt included), juggles atoms with his feet, and catches a shovel with his face to demonstrate center of mass.

This interactive performance will spark your students' curiosity about science while keeping them thoroughly engaged.

March 5:

kc puppetreeBecome a Backyard Hero and join Archie Raccoon, Bella Squirrel and Osmo Skunk to defeat the Invasive Ivy!

They're not your typical superheroes, in fact, they're a group of kids hanging out in their treehouse. When mysterious things start happening, they band together to take on the case of "The Green Monster." Can the Backyard Heroes break the case and defeat the Green Monster?

Reminiscent of buddy tales like "The Little Rascals" and "The Get-Along Gang," this tale brings audiences into a timeless world of friendship and fun. Original music composed by Robert Randall (of TrashMan and the Noise Band) accompanies a lively and interactive script. Audiences are encouraged to engage in conversations about environmental stewardship and become a Backyard Hero themselves.

KC's original style of creating elaborate puppets out of only paper enhances this tale, presenting puppet theatre in a style rarely seen before.