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Allied Waste Services will pick up autumn leaves over three 2-week periods, beginning November 5. Thousands of trees drop leaves every year through the 17-plus square miles inside the Albany city limits. Residents can help keep streets, gutters, and sidewalks free of leaves by raking and sweeping regularly and putting as many leaves as possible in the yard debris carts provided by Allied Waste or collecting the leaves to use as winter ground cover for sensitive plants or for compost.

Allied Waste will pick up leaves:

  • November 5-16;
  • November 19-30; and
  • December 10-21.

Yard debris – leaves, grass clippings, branches, fertilizers – can lead to flooding when they are swept or blown into storm drains and gutters and water pollution as they work their way from storm drains into the rivers and creeks. In addition to using yard debris for compost or disposing of it in yard debris carts:

  • Sweep dirt onto grassy areas or place it in the trash
  • Limit the amount of fertilizers applied and only use according to manufacturer's directions
  • If fertilizers get on streets, sidewalks, or driveways, sweep them back onto grassy areas

For more information on stormwater protection, call Kim Kagelaris, Environmental Services Technician, at 541-791-0087.

To report illegal dumping of yard waste, call 541-917-7600.

For information about residential yard waste collection, call Allied Waste at 541-928-2551.