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The Albany Police Benevolent Association is accepting applications for the next academic year. Applications will be accepted from Greater Albany Public Schools (or qualified Albany home study) graduating seniors. Recipients will receive a $1,000 one-time award sent directly to their chosen 2-year or 4-year accredited college or accredited university program.

Four scholarships will be awarded in 2021!


  1. Applicant must be a senior at any GAPS school or a qualified home study senior.
  2. Must be going into the law enforcement field.
  3. Must have a 3.0 or higher GPA.

Application must:

  1. Be filled out completely, hand printed in black ink or typed and signed,
  2. Include two letters of recommendations from non-relatives, and
  3. A 500-word Essay

Required Essay Criteria:

  1. Subject: "Why do you want to enter the field of Law Enforcement?"
  2. Be at least 500 words double spaced, typed and signed with name, high school/home program and current date in upper left-hand comer.
  3. Include as much information as possible about your career goals and how you intend to reach those goals.

Application form (pdf)

DEADLINE: May 7, 2021

Please deliver complete packet to the Albany Police Department at 2600 Pacific Boulevard SW, Albany, Oregon or mail to:

Albany Police Benevolent Association
PO Box 125
Albany, OR 97321

On July 8, 2009, the City Council adopted Ordinance 5718, amending Albany Municipal Code 6.04.015(2), allowing for exceptions to the limit of two adult dogs permitted on any property within the Albany city limits. The ordinance allows for any person, family, or business to keep more than two (2) adult dogs, but not more than four (4) dogs, if all of the criteria in the ordinance are met. The full text of Albany Municipal Code 6.04.010 and 6.04.015(2) is below.

Who needs to apply?

Any person, family, or business wishing to keep more than two (2) dogs, but not more than four (4) dogs, at one address.

3 dogs

How to apply for a permit?

  1. Fill out an application (and be sure to list everyone residing at your address who is over age 18):

Fillable PDF

  1. Return your application online, or to:
    Albany Police Department
    2600 Pacific Boulevard SW
    Albany, OR 97321
  2. Pay the $50 non-refundable fee (cash or credit/debit only) by calling the Albany Police Department at 541-917-7680.

When will I receive my permit?

The Albany Police Department will run a background check on all applicants over the age of 18. Once you have been approved to receive your exception permit, you will be mailed or emailed your approved permit.

What do I do now that I have an exception permit?

Once you have your exception permit, you must have it available should an officer come to your property for a call of any kind. Failure to have your exception permit available upon request may result in a citation. If you lose your permit, you can obtain a printed copy from the police department. Standard copy charges will apply.

Helpful links

AMC 6.04.010 Dog License Required.
  1. Any person, family, or business owning or keeping a dog which has a set of permanent canine teeth or is six months old, whichever comes first, shall license said dog(s) pursuant to the ordinances and/or regulations of the county wherein the dog is kept.
  2. The license tag supplied by the county shall be attached securely to a collar or harness on the dog whenever the dog is outdoors and not contained within a fenced yard, enclosed pen, or by a chain on the property of the owner.”
AMC 6.04.015
  1. Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, no person, family, or business shall keep more than two dogs past the age of six months on any property within the City except within a kennel which has been approved in accordance with the City of Albany Development Code regulations. For purposes of this section, a dog shall be deemed to be “kept” by any adult person who resides at the property on which the dog(s) is housed or maintained. A dog shall not be deemed “kept” if it is being temporarily cared for and is licensed to a third-party who is not a resident of the household.
  2. Any person, family, or business wishing to keep more than two (2) dogs past the age of six (6) months as an exception to section (1) above may apply for a permit to do so and shall be issued a permit allowing the keeping of not more than four (4) if all of the following criteria are met:
    1. The applicant has fully completed an application in a form provided by the City Manager and/or his/her designee for that purpose; and
    2. The applicant has provided proof that all of the applicant’s adult dogs are fully licensed by the county of the applicant’s residence; and
    3. Neither the applicant, nor any person residing with the applicant have been convicted of the violation of any ordinance, code, or regulation, concerning the care, possession, maintenance, or control of an animal within five (5) years prior to the application; and
    4. The applicant has paid a fee of $50.
  3. The exception provided for in Section (2) shall be revoked without the need for any administrative or judicial action in the event that the exemption holder or any person residing with the exception holder is or has been convicted of any violation of any animal control regulation of the City of Albany or Linn or Benton counties, or any other unit of government.
  4. The exception to the two-dog limit set forth in subsection (2) above shall be valid for a period of three (3) years, after which a new application shall be required in the event that applicant wishes to continue the exemption.
  5. The exemption provided for herein may be revoked at any time by the City Manager or his/her designee upon a finding that the exemption holder is no longer eligible for the exemption under the criteria set forth herein. The City Manager shall provide the permit exemption holder with a written notification of the grounds for revocation of the exemption and give the exemption holder an opportunity to be heard orally or in writing upon such reasonable terms as the City Manager may proscribe. The decision of the City Manager shall be final.

0001 Policy Manual-Chief's Preface

0002 Albany Police Code of Ethics

0003 Mission And Values Statements

0100 Law Enforcement Authority

0102 Public Safety Certification

0103 Oath of Office

0110 Organizational Structure And Responsibility

0111 Chief Executive Officer

0120 Policy Manual

0121 General Orders

0122 Administrative Communications

0123 Planning And Research

0124 Staff Inspections

0125 Fiscal Management

0126 Line Inspections

0127 Collective Bargaining 090418

0210 Agency Jurisdiction And Mutual Aid

0220 Patrol Function

0231 Crime And Disaster Scene Integrity

0232 First Amendment Assemblies

0233 Hazardous Material Response

0234 Bias-Based Policing

0235 Homeless Persons

0236 Medical Aid Response

0240 Use of Force

0241 Transportation

0250 Police Canines

0260 Search And Seizure

0261 Custodial Searches

0262 Temporary Detention Facility

0263 Civil Commitments

0264 Private Persons Arrests

0270 Firearms

0281 Foot Pursuits

0282 Bicycle Patrol

0290 Law Enforcement Employee-Involved Critical Incidents

0292 Major Incident Notification

0300 Traffic Function And Responsibility

0310 Traffic Collision Investigation

0311 Aircraft Accidents

0320 Vehicle Towing

0321 Vehicle Impound Hearings

0322 Motorist Assistance

0323 Abandoned Vehicles

0330 Impaired Driving

0340 Traffic Citations

0500 Preliminary Investigation

0502 Interviews and Interrogations

0505 Case Management

0506 Eyewitness Identification

0510 Missing Persons

0515 Child Abuse Investigations

0517 Temporary Custody Of Juveniles

0520 Sexual Assault Investigations

0530 Domestic Violence

0532 Stalking

0534 Adult Abuse

0536 Victim And Witness Assistance

0537 Victim Services Program

0538 Child And Dependent Adult Safety

0540 Hate Crimes

0550 Death Investigation

0552 Native American Grave Protection And Repatriation

0555 Immigration Violations

0560 Identity Theft

0582 Asset Forfeiture

0586 Medical Marijuana

0590 Crime Analysis

0600 Records Section

0601 Records Maintenance And Release

0602 Report Preparation

0603 Computerized Criminal History Information

0604 Subpoenas And Court Appearances

0605 Registered Offender Information

0606 Citation Releases

0607 Arrest Or Detention Of Foreign Nationals

0608 Detentions And Photographing Detainees

0610 Property And Evidence

0611 Restoration Of Firearm Serial Numbers

0612 Computers And Digital Evidence

0620 Communications Center

0621 Emergency Utility Service

0622 Limited English Proficiency Services

0623 Communications With Persons With Disabilities

0624 Service Animals

0630 Information Technology Use

0631 Electronic Mail

0632 Mobile Data Terminals

0633 Digital Media Recording

0634 Public Safety Camera System

0635 Personal Communication Devices

0636 Employee Speech Expression And Social Networking

0637 Public Recording Of Law Enforcement Activity

0640 Media Relations

0641 Public Alerts

0650 Animal Control

0651 Juvenile Operations

0652 Diversion Programs

0660 Drones

0670 Community Resource Unit

0700 Department Owned And Personal Property

0701 Uniform Regulations

0702 Body Armor

0703 Department Badges

0710 Personal Appearance Standards

0720 Vehicle Use and Maintenance

0721 Occupant Safety Restraints

0800 Standards Of Conduct

0801 Recruitment And Selection

0810 Training

0812 Field Training And Evaluation Program

0815 Evaluation Of Employees

0816 Rotation And Special Duty Assignments

0817 Promotions, Transfers, and Collateral Assignments

0818 Military Deployment And Reintegration

0820 Awards

0821 Personnel Complaints

0822 Personnel Files

0823 Personnel Early Warning System

0830 Conflicting Relationships

0831 Employee Involved Domestic Violence

0840 Grievance Procedure

0841 Discriminatory Harassment

0842 Anti-Retaliation

0848 Traumatic Response Support Team

0849 Wellness

0850 Reporting Police Activity Outside Of Jurisdiction

0851 Reporting Of Employee Convictions

0852 Retired Police Officer Concealed Firearms

0853 Off-Duty Law Enforcement Actions

0854 Disclosure of Brady Information

0860 Illness And Injury Prevention

0861 Fitness For Duty

0862 Sick Leave

0863 Lactation Breaks

0870 Occupational Disease and Work Related Injuries

0871 Communicable Diseases

0872 Alcohol And Drug Use

0873 Smoking And Tobacco Use

0874 Personal Protective Equipment

0880 Line-Of-Duty Deaths

0890 Volunteer Program

0891 Police Cadets

0892 Ride-Alongs

Victim Impact Statement

A victim impact statement (VIS) is the vehicle through which a victim of crime is given the opportunity to be heard before the sentence is imposed. This right to be heard gives the victim an opportunity to express how this crime has affected them emotionally, monetarily, physically or psychologically and provides a way to offer thoughts, suggestions and recommendations on a defendant’s sentence. The statement can be made in writing and/or given orally and can be presented personally by the victim, victims’ next of kin or through an attorney.

When a defendant is charged with a crime, and you choose to explain to the Court your experiences, you may do so in a variety of ways. Fully explaining to the Court your experiences is very important. By doing so you are giving the Court the opportunity to consider the impact of the crime on you and others.

Download Victim Impact Statement form and instructions

Restitution Information Form

Restitution is the money the Court may order a defendant to pay a victim for certain losses, including stolen or damaged property, medical bills, counseling or lost wages. Restitution is only considered for losses directly related to the charge(s) against the defendant(s).

Download Restitution Information form and instructions


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