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Members of the Bridle Springs Homeowners Association and the South Albany High School Band will plant street trees on Saturday, November 9, 2013 as part of the City of Albany’s NeighborWoods program.

Kurt Powell, Community Manager for Bridle Springs, submitted a NeighborWoods application this summer for street trees to plant and nurture. The program is based on a nationwide model and has been adopted in Albany by the City Tree Commission and the Urban Forestry Program to help restore Albany’s tree canopy through community partnerships.  NeighborWoods trees are typically planted in residential neighborhoods and city parks. The Bridle Springs neighborhood is the second in Albany to participate.

A demonstration on proper tree planting will be held in the neighborhood park before street tree planting begins. Residents are responsible for watering the new trees at least once a week during the summer for the first two years to promote good root establishment. The trees will be purchased by the City of Albany and donations to the Urban Forestry program.

Anyone interested in receiving trees for their neighborhood should complete the NeighborWoods application at or call 541-917-7759. The City Tree Commission will begin reviewing applications for the 2014 planting season in the spring.