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Exterior Alterations to buildings built before 1946

Exterior alterations to buildings constructed before 1946 (rated either Historic Contributing or Historic Non-Contributing) require historic review either by staff or the Landmarks Commission. Examples of alterations include: additions, alterations to any existing exterior feature or element of the building, new window or door openings or changing the size of existing window and door openings.  The Landmarks Commission reviews alterations visible from the street.  Staff reviews minor alterations not visible from the street.

See Albany Development Code Article 7 for code criteria related to exterior alterations.

The Use of Substitute Materials 

Replacing original materials (usually wood) with "substitute" materials requires review by the Landmarks Commission. This includes replacement of windows, doors, siding and trim, porch columns and railings, and decorative elements.  Substitution of a non-original material for a compatible material is reviewed by staff and considered an exterior alteration.

See Albany Development Code Article 7 for code criteria related the use of substitute materials.

New Construction 

New structures within the historic districts over 100 square feet require historic review. Projects visible from the street go to the Landmarks Commission for review.

See Albany Development Code Article 7 for code criteria related to new construction.

Demolition or Relocation 

Demolition of historic landmarks is an extreme and final measure. All Properties within the historic districts require demolition or relocation review. The Landmarks Commission reviews these requests.

See Albany Development Code Article 7 for code criteria related to demolition or relocation.

Design guidelines for Albany's residential historic properties

The purpose of these guidelines is to help property owners and contractors choose an appropriate approach to issues that arise when working on historic buildings or properties, so that projects satisfy the standards and review criteria in the Albany Development Code.

These guidelines are also intended to help property owners and others understand the special features and characteristics of Albany’s historic structures, and incorporate that understanding into designs for rehabilitation work, alterations, additions, and new construction.

Projects Exempt from Historic Review


  • ALL projects


  • Painting
  • General repair and maintenance
  • Replacement of existing elements if it is done with the same materials
  • Replacement of composition shingle roofs to composition shingle roofs
  • Landscaping

AddressNameLocationRatingDateStyleAssociated Buildings
1001 Washington St. SWMcClellan HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1920BungalowGarage
1004 Washington St. SWPorter HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1902Queen Anne/ColonialNone
1005 1st Ave NECox HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1910Queen Anne/Colonialnone
101 Jackson St. NEWatson Brothers Iron WorksLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1906VernacularNone
1013 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1905CraftsmanNone
1014 Calapooia St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1920Vernacular 
1014 Washington St. SWMoore HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1885Queen Anne CottageNone
1015 Elm St SWOfficers BarracksMonteithHistoric Contributing1943WWII Era Cottage 
1015 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowGarage
1016 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowGarage
1021 Walnut St SW MonteithHistoric Non-Contributing1934WWII Era Cottage 
1022 8th Ave SWWilson HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc.1917BungalowGarage in rear on ea
1024 8th Ave SWAnderson HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc.1916Craftsmangarage in rear, W side
1030 Maple St SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1951International 
1032 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributing1905American FoursquareNone
1033 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1919BungalowGarage
1033 Maple St SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1951Ranch 
1034 Calapooia St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1938Prairie School 
1038 12th Ave.Mennonite ManseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc.1909Classic Revival/Vernacular withGarage in rear on we
1039 12th Ave.Miller HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1913CraftsmanGarage in rear off W
104 1st Ave SEFrager's FurnitureDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1930Art DecoNone
104 4th Ave SWArmoryLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1910Castellated Gothic RevivalNone
1040 Broadway St. SWSprenger HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1875Rural VernacularGarage in Rear
1058 8th Ave. SWOhling HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1885EastlakeNone
1059 8th St. SWKendig HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1885ItalianateGarage in rear
106 Geary St. SEWimot HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1895Stick/EastlakeAttached garage on w
106-114 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign CommercialNone
110 2nd Ave SWNoneDowntownVacant Parking LotNone
110 Ferry St SWSt. Francis HotelDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1912CommercialNone
1104 9th Ave. SWTammen HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1906Queen AnneGarage on Willetta S
1104 Calapooia St SW MonteithHistoric Non-Contributing1940Minimal Traditional 
1105 1st Ave EConn HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1893Western Farmhouse w/Eastlake elCarport
1105 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940Cape Cod ColonialNone
1105 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributing1910CraftsmanGarage
1105 Water Ave. NEMunn HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1880Western FarmhouseNone
1106 Ferry St. SWFortmiller-Lee HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1887ItalianateGarage
1106 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Colonial CottageGarage, on 11th Ave.
1109 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965RanchNone
111 1st Ave WRialto TheatreDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1898ItalianateNone
1114 Calapooia St SW MonteithHistoric Non-Contributing1940Minimal Traditional 
1114 Walnut St SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1946Tudor 
1114 Washington St. SWRidders HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1912BungalowGarage
1115 Elm St SW MonteithHistoric Non-Contributing1940Ranch 
1115 Maple St SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1950Ranch 
1115 Walnut St SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1956Ranch 
1115 Water Ave.Lear HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1890Western FarmhouseCarriage house in back
1120 12th Ave SWFirst Evangelical Church of AlNR IndividuallyLocal Inventoryc. 1875Gothic RevivalNone
1121 Ferry St. SWWinn HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1910BungalowGarage
1122 Ferry St. SWBreckenridge HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1889Western FarmhouseGarage
1126 Water Ave. NEAnderson HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1885ItalianateNone
113 1st Ave NWRialto TheatreDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1898ItalianateNone
1130 Lawnridge St. SWHolmes HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1895CraftsmanAttached garage
1131 Ferry St. SWGoodwin HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen Anne CottageGarage
1132 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Western FarmhouseNone
1134 Washington St. SWMerrill HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1912BungalowNone
1135 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1926Colonial CottageGarage
1135 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920Colonial Cottage1, garage
1136 Calapooia St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1930Bungalow 
1137 9th Ave. SWNathan Needham HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1885ItalianateGarage in rear on ea
1140 Calapooia St SW MonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920Bungalow 
1141 1st Ave NEWood HouseLocal InventoryLocal InventoryC. 1910CraftsmanGarage
1145 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1929Arts and CraftsNone
1147 9th Ave. SWHaller HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1903Western Farmhouse\EastlakeBarn in back (north)
115 1st Ave NEHill BlockLocal InventoryLocal Inventory1905Commercial BrickNone
115 2nd Ave SWSamuel E. Young BuildingDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1887ItalianateNone
1152 12th Ave. SWAndersonLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1907Western FarmhouseGarage in rear on ea
116 2nd Ave SWBurggraf BuildingDowntownVacant Parking LotNone
118 1st Ave SEEdwards AutomotiveLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1941Art DecoNone
118 2nd Ave SWNoneDowntownVacant Parking LotNone
118 5th Ave. SEAlthouse HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1868ItalianateGarage
118 7th Ave. SWS. Cusick HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1914BungalowNone
118-120 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1910CraftsmanNone
1186 9th Ave. SWLeigh HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1913BungalowGarage in rear on we
1187 9th Ave. SWBlanch HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1917Vernacular CottageOutbuilding in rear
1188 9th Ave.Leigh HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1920BungalowGarage in rear on we
120 1st Ave SWElks TempleDowntownVacant Open lotNone
120 Ellsworth St SWRevere HotelDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1878ItalianateNone
1204 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910CraftsmanNone
1205 1st Ave. NEShelton HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventory (demolished)c. 1893Western Farmhouse w\Stick StyleGarage and shed
1205 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Colonial CottageNone
1205 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1919BungalowNone
1206 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributing1920Colonial CottageNone
121 1st Ave NWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1919CommercialNone
121 2nd Ave SWNoneDowntownHistoric Non-Contributingc.1925CommercialNone
121 Broadalbin St SWRaulingsDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1908ItalianateNone
121 Lyon St. SEKirk-Pollak Motor Co.OutsideLocal Inventoryc. 1925MediterraneanNone
1210 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowNone
1212 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowGarage
1213 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940VernacularNone
1213 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1917BungalowNone
1215 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Historic, Non-Contrib CommercialNone
124 1st Ave SWWeatherford BuildingDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1890ItalianateNone
124 7th Ave. SWC. Cusick HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1909CraftsmanNone
124 Broadalbin St SWS.E. Young and Son Dept. StoreDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1912Queen AnneNone
124 Ellsworth St SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1893ItalianateNone
124 Ferry St SWHoward BuildingDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1937CommercialNone
1240 Lincoln St. SWWalter Monteith HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventory1885Gothic RevivalNone
1260 Broadway St. SWStellmacher HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1875Rural GothicGarage c. 1940 on so
128 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributing1907BungalowCarport
129 1st Ave NWMcAlphins ConfectioneryDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1919CommercialNone
130 1st Ave SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributing1910/1974Williamsburg Colonial FacadeNone
130 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1898Queen Anne CottageNone
130 Ellsworth SWSafeway/HubDowntownHistoric Contributing1925/1945Art ModerneNone
1305 2nd Ave. SEIsaac & Ella Hadley HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1895Western FarmhouseNone
131 Montgomery St. NEAlbany Iron WorksLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1867Industrial BrickNone
1317 Salem Ave. SEBilyeu HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1895Western FarmhouseNone
132 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
133 5th Ave. SEOregon Electric RailroadHacklemanHistoric Contributing1912MissionNone
133 Broadalbin St SWFist Savings BankDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1909American RenaissanceNone
1340 Water Ave. NEMorris HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1885Italianate CottageGarage in rear off P
136 Lyon St SWS.E. Young BuildingDowntownHistoric Contributing1887ItalianateNone
136 Main St. NEBaltimore HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1875Rural Gothic RevivalNone
138 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1880VernacularGarage
138 7th Ave. SWWallace HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1912Colonial RevivalGarage, on Ellsworth
140 1st Ave ESantiam Chevrolet Co.Local InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1925Commercial brickNone
140 1st Ave SWBikman BlockDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1925MissionNone
140 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Western FarmhouseNone
140 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributing1873Gothic RevivalGarage
1410 Lincoln St. SWNoneLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1913VernacularGarage in rear on Tw
1440 Broadway St. SWLong HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1910CraftsmanNone
145 2nd Ave SWMurphy Motor CompanyDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1925CommercialNone
1450A Queen Ave. SWAlbany College/William HenryLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 192520th Century ColonialCampus Buildings
1450B Queen Ave. SWTremont Hall/Woodward HallLocal InventoryLocal Inventory1875/192620th Century ColonialCampus buildings
1450C Queen Ave. SWEric Hauser Gymnasium Albany CLocal InventoryLocal Inventory1931JacobethanTwo attached buildings
1510 Hop St. SWCallister HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1875Gothic RevivalGarage behind house
1535 Park Terrace SWHolbrook HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1895Queen AnneGarage on north side
1540 2nd Ave SEWilliam & Mary Clay HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1906Vernacular\Queen AnneNone
1620 1st Ave SEYoung HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1895Queen AnneGarage on east side
1638 1st Ave. SEHale HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1891Queen Anne/EastlakeGarage on Denver St
1640 Bonnie St. SWMackenben HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc.1911VernacularNone
1804 1st Ave. SeReed HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1900Western Farmhouse with Queen AnGarage off Geary St
1807 Marion St. SEJewell HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventory1907Queen Anne FarmhouseGarage on east side
1810 Queen Ave. SWGraham HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1889Queen AnneNone
1824 1st Ave. SEFirst Evangelical ParsonageLocal InventoryLocal Inventory1909VernacularNone
1880 16th Ave. SWNoneLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1885ItalianateGarage in rear
1907 Marion St. SERoss HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1905/1935ColonialNone
1909 Queen Ave. SWStarbuck HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1890Queen AnneNone
1950 Salem Ave SER. L. Burkhart HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventory192220th Century ColonialNone
1st & EllsworthNoneDowntownVacant Parking LotNone
1st Ave & LyonSite of Baltimore BuildingDowntownVacantc.1965ParkNone
1st Ave NWNoneDowntownVacant Parking LotNone
1st Ave NW-2NoneDowntownVacant Parking LotNone
2002 Waverly Drive SEDuMond HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1910CraftsmanGarage in rear on we
201 1st Ave NWAlbany State BankDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1908American RenaissanceNone
201 2nd Ave SWSafeway/The HubDowntownHistoric Contributing1925/1945Art ModerneNone
202 1st Ave SWRevere HotelDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1878ItalianateNone
202 2nd Ave SWGeorge Nichol's BakeryDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1904ItalianateNone
2020 Chase Lp SWBriggs HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1887ItalianateNone
205 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900CraftsmanGarage
205 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965ModernAlso on 208 5th Ave.
205 Ellsworth St SWNoneDowntownNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1952InternationalNone
206 1st Ave. SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1893Queen AnneNone
206 2nd Ave SWM.G. Stettler GrocersDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1910ItalianateNone
206 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributing1878/1940Gothic Revival407 Baker St. SE
206-210 7th Ave. SWTrain HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1886Queen AnneSee Other
208 1st Ave SWConn & Huston GroceryDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1893Queen AnneNone
208 2nd Ave SWBroder's Meat MarketDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1898ItalianateNone
208 3rd Ave. SeWashburn HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1911CraftsmanNone
208 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1960ModernNone
208 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1880ItalianateNone
208 7th Ave. SEGeorge Chamberlin HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1884Queen Anne/StickNone
209 1st Ave NWWyatt BuildingDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1889ItalianateNone
210 1st Ave SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1910CommercialNone
210 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1920VernacularNone
211 2nd Ave SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1898ItalianateNone
2110 16th Ave SWViernow HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1912VernacularGarage on West Side
2115 Ferry St. SWJohn A. Millard HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1880Western FarmhouseGarage on south side
212 1st Ave. ESchultz BuildingLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1910Commercial Bricknone
213 Water Ave NEAlbany Custom MillNR IndividuallyLocal Inventory1860 None
214 2nd Ave SWGreyhound Bus TerminalDowntownHistoric Non-Contributing1932/1965CommercialNone
2146 Salem Ave SEWilliam C. Burkhart HouseOutsideLocal Inventoryc.1911BungalowGarage off Columbus
215 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1940Cape Cod ColonialNone
215 7th Ave. SWFlynn HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1908Queen Anne/VernacularNone
215 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithVacant  None
215 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1925BungalowNone
216 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage
218 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1920CraftsmanNone
219 3rd Ave. SWNoneDowntownVacant  None
220 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1940Norman FarmhouseCarport
220 7th Ave. SWWeatherford HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1904Shingle1, garage
220 Ellsworth St SWNoneDowntownNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1960"2nd Empire"None
220 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1925ColonialGarage
2211 Waverly Drive SEMcConnell/CarnegieLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1878/1905Western FarmhouseGarage in rear on ea
222 1st Ave SWFlinn BlockDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1887Second EmpireNone
222 3rd Ave SEWood ApartmentsLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1910CraftsmanNone
222 Ellsworth St SWNoneDowntownNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign CabooseNone
222 Washington St SWHughsons Service StationDowntownHistoric Contributing1934MediterraneanNone
2220 17th Ave SWMornhinweg HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1905VernacularBarn and two other o
222-224 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1898Queen Anne CottageApartment (224 4th)
223 2nd Ave SWSearsDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1940InternationalNone
223 3rd Ave SWMontgomery Wards CatalogueDowntownHistoric Non-Contributingc.1945CommercialNone
223 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1949VernacularNone
223 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage
224 Washington St SWMeader BrothersDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1925CommercialNone
225 2nd Ave SWMurphy's Seed StoreDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1908ItalianateNone
225 3rd Ave SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1930CommercialNone
225 5th Ave SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1915Colonial RevivalNone
225 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965VernacularNone
225 Broadalbin St SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1898ItalianateNone
225 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925BungalowGarage in alley
225 Jackson St. SENoneHacklemanVacant  None
227 1st Ave SWNoneDowntownVacant Parking LotNone
228 5th Ave SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign CommercialNone
228 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1930Vernacular230 6th Ave. SE
229 1st Ave NWNoneDowntownVacant  None
229 3rd Ave SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1940Art ModerneNone
229 Broadalbin St SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1935CommercialNone
230 6th Ave SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1885Western Farmhouse228 6th Ave. SE
230 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1902VernacularGarage
230 Lyon St SWKnights of Pythias LodgeDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1913ItalianateNone
231 2nd Ave SWHome Federal State SavingsDowntownNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1950CommercialNone
231 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1917BungalowNone
231 Ellsworth St SW1st Federal of Willamette ValleyDowntownNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1963InternationalNone
231 Lyon St. SEKing Griff Grocery StoreLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1910Commercial brickNone
2315 Salem Road SEMitchell HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1885ItalianateNone
232 Ellsworth St SWNoneDowntownNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1978CommercialNone
234 Thurston St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900VernacularNone
236 1st Ave SWJ.W. Cusick & Co. BankDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1895/1910Queen AnneNone
237 6th Ave SEGeorge Hochstedler HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1889StickNone
238 3rd St. SEMethodist Episcopal Church SouNR IndividuallyLocal Inventory1875Rural VernacularNone
238 5th Ave. SERhodes HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1897Queen AnneNone
238 7th Ave SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.18885Western FarmhouseNone
240 1st Ave SWJ.W. Cusick and Co. BankDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen AnneNone
240 2nd Ave SWOld Post OfficeDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1914American RenaissanceNone
240 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1865Gothic RevivalNone
241 1st Ave NWBligh TheatreDowntownHistoric Contributing1913/1937Art ModerneNone
241 3rd Ave SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1935CommercialNone
244 6th Ave SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1940VernacularNone
2455 Marion St. SESmith HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1909CraftsmanGarage in rear of house
250 Broadalbin St SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1912CommercialNone
2601 Salem Ave SEHarrison HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1925BungalowTwo brick garages be
2751 Salem Ave SEVunk HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1890Italianate CottageGarage
2914 Grand Prairie Rd SELasselle HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1910CraftsmanGarage in rear (south)
300 1st Ave SWU.S. National BankDowntownNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1919/1965ModernNone
300 2nd Ave SWStiffs FurnitureDowntownHistoric Contributing1890/1984ItalianateNone
300 4th Ave. SWLinn County CourthouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventory1941Half ModernTwo historical markers
301 1st Ave NWSternberg ClothingDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1895ItalianateNone
302 Ferry St. SWCarnegie LibraryMonteithHistoric Contributing1914American RenaissanceNone
305 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965ModernNone
305 Washington St SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1975ModernNone
306 6th Ave SEWiles HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributing1911American FoursquareNone
306 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900Colonial Revival520 3rd Ave. SW
309 1st Ave NWWestern Union OfficeDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1880ItalianateNone
310 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925ColonialNone
313 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen Anne CottageNone
314 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1940VernacularGarage
315 9th Ave. SWAlbany College Book StoreMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920False Front CommercialNone
316 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowCarport
316 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900Colonial RevivalNone
316 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900VernacularNone
3160 Salem Ave SEHouston CemeteryLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1851N/ANone
3165 Salem Ave. SEJewish CemeteryLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1877N/ANone
317 1st Ave NWJ.C. Penney BuildingDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1915CommercialNone
317 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1878Western FarmhouseGarage
317 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890ItalianateNone
317 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910CraftsmanGarage
317 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1908CraftsmanGarage
318 11th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen AnneGarage
318 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940Vernacular320 Washington St.
319 6th Ave. SWPfeiffer HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1908CraftsmanNone
319 7th Ave. SEHand HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890French Second EmpireGarage
320 11th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965RanchNone
320 6th Ave. SWIrvine HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1875/1902StickGarage
320 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940Vernacular318 Washington St.
321 2nd Ave SWStraney & Moore Livery StableDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1892Queen AnneNone
321 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900CraftsmanNone
321 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowGarage
322 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1910BungalowGarage
322 5th Ave. SEBryant HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1905VernacularGarage
323 Calapooia St. SWHill HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Italianate VillaNone
324 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1889StickNone
324 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1994RanchAttached garage
325 1st Ave NWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1880ItalianateNone
325 6th Ave. SEMcKechnie HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1925BungalowGarage
326 1st Ave SWNoneDowntownVacant Parking LotNone
326 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanVacant Parking LotNone
326 6th Ave. SWMason HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1905VernacularGarage
326 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Norman FarmhouseGarage
326 Washington St. SWBoggs HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1865VernacularGarage
327 1st Ave NWLinn County BankDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1880Queen AnneNone
327 2nd Ave SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1900CommercialNone
327 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1925VernacularNone
327 7th Ave. SWSamples HouseMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1984VictorianNone
327 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1918BungalowNone
327 Oak St. NEBruckman HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1892EastlakeGarage with upstairs
328 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1889Western FarmhouseNone
328 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanVacant  None
328 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1945Colonial6 Car garage, alley
329 2nd Ave SWAlbany Democrat OfficeDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1897ItalianateNone
329 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890ItalianateGarage
330 5th Ave. SWFirst Presbyterian ChurchMonteithHistoric Contributing1913Gothic RevivalNone
330 8th Ave. SWGeison/Dorfer HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1905CraftsmanGarage
330 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1940VernacularNone
331 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1930Norman FarmhouseGarage
331 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890VernacularNone
331 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1858Western Farmhouse525 & 533 4th Ave.
331 Montgomery St. SEGoltra HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1892ItalianateNone
332-340 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign ModernNone
333 1st Ave NWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1875ItalianateNone
333 Jefferson St. SEMorgan Boarding HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributing1908BungalowNone
334 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1889StickNone
334 Jefferson St. SEKetchum HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1885Italianate CottageNone
335 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithVacant  None
336 7th Ave. SWBaker/Forman HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890VernacularNone
336 9th Ave. SWCentral SchoolMonteithHistoric Contributing1915American RenaissanceNone
337 1st Ave NWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1978CommercialNone
337 2nd Ave SWWorrell GroceryDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1897ItalianateNone
337 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1910BungalowGarage (on Railroad)
337 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920VernacularNone
338 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1880ItalianateGarage
338 6th Ave. SWMason HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1882French Second EmpireGarage, on Ferry St.
339 8th Ave. SWLivengood HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1928MediterraneanGarage
340 1st Avene SEEdward Will HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1892Queen Anne CottageNone
340 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900VernacularNone
340 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1960ModernNone
341 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowNone
342 4th Ave. SEAnderson HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1913BungalowGarage
343 1st Ave NWPeterson's BuildingDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1879ItalianateNone
375 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithVacant  None
3rd & CalapooiaNoneMonteithVacant  None
400-418 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithVacant  None
401 1st Ave NWParish Brick BlockDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1876ItalianateNone
401 2nd Ave SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributing1890/1929Art ModerneNone
401 Main St. SECumberland Presbyterian ChurchLocal InventoryLocal Inventory1892Queen AnneNone
403-405 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920Italianate CottageGarage
404 1st Ave SENoneOutsideLocal Inventoryc. 1900Queen AnneNone
404 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1879Western FarmhouseNone
404 Vine St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1916BungalowGarage, in alley
404-406 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageGarage
405 1st Ave NWParish Brick BlockDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1876ItalianateNone
405 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900VernacularGarage
405 Jefferson St. SEE.E. Pierce HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1878/1890Queen Anne CottageGarage
405 Walnut St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970RanchNone
405-407 11th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970Modern976-978 Ferry St. SW
406 1st Ave SWSt. Francis HotelDowntownHistoric Contributing1907CommercialNone
406 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanVacant parking lotNone
406 6th Ave. SWStewart HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1880Western FarmhouseNone
406-408 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965InternationalNone
408 Vine St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageNone
409 1st Ave NWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1895ItalianateNone
409 Baker St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1916BungalowGarage
410 1st Ave SWRhodes BlockDowntownHistoric Contributing1907CommercialNone
410 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1945VernacularNone
410 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1918BungalowNone
410 Walnut St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940ColonialNone
410 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Non-Contributingc.1940ColonialNone
410-416 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940Colonial418 5th Ave. SW
413 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1925Arts and CraftsGarage
413 Montgomery St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage
413 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1905CraftsmanNone
414 12th Ave. SWLamberty HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1859/1920ColonialGarage
414 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1895Italianate CottageNone
415 1st Ave NWKohn & Co.DowntownHistoric Contributingc.1866ItalianateNone
416 11th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1916BungalowGarage
416 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1891StickNone
417 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1974VernacularNone
417 8th Ave. SWSeaton HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1937English CottageGarage
417-421 11th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1935Arts and CraftsNone
418 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910Craftsman410-416 5th Ave.
418 6th Ave. SWSenders HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1921ColonialNone
418 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen AnneGarage
420 1st Ave SWRohrbough FurnitureDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1915CommercialNone
420 3rd Ave. SEAlbany High SchoolHacklemanHistoric Contributing1909/1930American Renaissance/Art DecoParking lots
420 3rd Ave. SWFontmiller FuneralMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900False Front CommercialNone
420 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1885Italianate CottageNone
420-424 4th Ave. SWGilbert Court ApartmentsMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Colonial CottageSee Other
421 Montgomery St. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1950InternationalNone
422 11th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1939English CottageGarage
422 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
422 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1893VernacularNone
422 Railroad St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
422-438 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanVacant parking lotNone
423 Baker St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1898VernacularSmall house behind
423-425 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanVacantc.1870/1950VernacularGarage
424 1st Ave SWDreamland TheatreDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1909ItalianateNone
424 Baker St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900VernacularGarage
424 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Craftsman CottageNone
424-426 Montgomery St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributing1903Queen Anne/VernacularNone
425 11th Ave. SWGeorge Berry HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1937Art ModerneNone
425 12th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970RanchNone
425 1st Ave NWMasonic BuildingDowntownHistoric Contributing1880/1913American RenaissanceNone
425 2nd Ave SWAlbany Creamery Assoc.DowntownHistoric Contributingc.1922CommercialNone
425 6th Ave. SWSwan HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1906CraftsmanNone
425 7th Ave. SWWaller HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1932Norman FarmhouseGarage
425 Jackson St. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1950Utilitarian/CommercialNone
426 1st Ave SWDreamland TheatreDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1909ItalianateNone
426 4th Ave. SWGilbert Court ApartmentsMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925ColonialSee Other
426 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910CraftsmanNone
426 9th Ave. SWWeatherford HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940ColonialGarage
427 12th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.English CottageNone
427 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1885Gothic Western FarmhouseNone
427 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1978VernacularNone
427 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1945Post WWIIGarage
428 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1895Western FarmhouseGarage
430 4th Ave. SWVicks HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920ColonialNone
430 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970ModernNone
430 Jackson St. SEHackleman HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1894Queen Anne CottageNone
430 Washington St. SWFrench HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1880VernacularNone
431 1st Ave NWSender Feed StoreDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1890ItalianateNone
431 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1916BungalowGarage
431 Montgomery St. SEMcIlwain HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1875/1886French Second EmpireNone
432 3rd Ave. SWNoneMonteithVacant Parking LotNone
432 Calapooia St. SWMeyer HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1878/1888Queen Anne/StickGarage
432 Ferry St. SW1st Christian ChurchMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1961ModernNone
432 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1880VernacularNone
433 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1983ModernNone
434 1st Ave SWWonderland TheatreDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1880ItalianateNone
434 Baker St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1880Western FarmhouseNone
435 1st Ave NWNoneDowntownVacant Parking LotNone
435 Maple St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1948ColonialNone
436 1st Ave SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1884CommercialNone
436 2nd Ave. SWNoneDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1940'sConcrete Block456 2nd SW
436-438 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1975RanchNone
438 11th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1887ItalianateGarage on Washington
438 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1932English CottageGarage
439 11th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900Queen Anne CottageNone
439 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1935Norman CottageNone
440 5th Ave. SECreameryHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1915CommercialNone
441 6th Ave. SWCrawford/Hurley HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1921PuebloGarage, in back
442 1st Ave SWMonteith BlockDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1885ItalianateNone
442 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910CraftsmanNone
456 2nd Ave SWDabbals Blacksmith ShopDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1905CommercialNone
4842 Pacific Boulevard SWMorgan HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1871Gothic RevivalPump house, storage
4th & VineNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign  None
504 9th Ave. SWBlodget HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890/1915VernacularNone
505 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1887ItalianateNone
505 Calapooia St. SWVeal HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910CraftsmanNone
505 Montgomery St. SEWeatherford HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1886ItalianateNone
505-507 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1895VernacularNone
506 2nd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1879/1900Gothic Revival508 Jackson St. SE
506 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1913BungalowGarage
506 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890ItalianateNone
506 Ferry St. SWSternberg HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1868/1920ColonialGarage
507 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1888ItalianateNone
507 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970ModernNone
508 2nd Ave S WHughson's Service StationDowntownHistoric Contributingc.1934MediterraneanNone
508 5th Ave. SEBeam HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1885Queen Anne/StickGarage
509-529 Jackson St. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1945VernacularSee Other
510 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1918BungalowGarage (E)
510 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1915CraftsmanNone
510 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900VernacularNone
510 5th Ave. SWUnited Presbyterian ChurchMonteithHistoric Contributing1891Gothic RevivalNone
512 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1950VernacularNone
513 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1895Italianate CottageGarage
514 Elm St. SWPalmer HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1897Queen Anne CottageShed on 5th Ave.
514 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1935Colonial CottageGarage
515 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
515 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1935Norman FarmhouseGarage
515 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1940Art ModerneNone
516 11th Ave. SWLarson HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1911BungalowGarage
516 12th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925English CottageNone
516 2nd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage
516 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageNone
516 Elm St. SWArmstrong/Smith HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1866Gothic RevivalShed
517 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
517 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1885ItalianateGarage
518 2nd Ave. SWMonteith HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1848PioneerNone
518 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890ItalianateNone
519 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890VernacularNone
520 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970RanchGarage, across 10th
520 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageGarage
520 3rd Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1911Craftsman306 Washington St.
520 5th Ave. SWPresbyterian ParsonageMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910American Foursquare510 5th Ave. SW
520 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanVacant  None
520 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1935VernacularNone
521 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage
521 3rd Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign BlockNone
521 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1950VernacularNone
521 Montgomery St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1910BungalowGarage
521 Vine St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1945Post WWIINone
522 2nd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1893Queen AnneGarage
522 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
522 7th Ave. SWHulbert HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1911CraftsmanGarage
522 Calapooia St. SWC. Pfeiffer Tenant HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1890StickGarage
523 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900Colonial RevivalNone
524 6th Ave. SWHobbs HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Norman FarmhouseGarage
524 Baker St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage
524 Jackson St. SENoneHacklemanNon-Historic, Non-Contribc.1940VernacularNone
525 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageGarage
525 11th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Non-Contributingc.1910CraftsmanGarage
525 12th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1917BungalowGarage
525 1st Ave. SEMcDermed/Shupp HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1870Gothic RevivalNone
525 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890VernacularNone
525 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1960RanchNone
525 7th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1900Italianate CottageNone
525 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1940VernacularNone
525 Railroad St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1925VernacularNone
526 11th Ave. SWEmmons HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1918BungalowGarage
526 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900CraftsmanNone
526 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1880Western FarmhouseGarage
527 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1895Western FarmhouseGarage
527 5th Ave. SEGrant HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributing1892Italianate CottageGarage
527 5th Ave. SWRoss HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1885Italianate CottageNone
527 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1917BungalowGarage
528 2nd Ave. SENoneHacklemanVacant VacantNone
528 2nd Ave. SWJ.L. Harris HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1870Gothic RevivalNone
528 4th Ave. SWStark HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1863/1909VernacularGarage
528 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Non-Contributingc.1895Western FarmhouseNone
528 Washington St. SWBarrett/Miller HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1867/1900American FoursquareNone
529 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1893Italianate CottageNone
529 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1960VernacularNone
530 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage
530 Ferry St. SWWill Pfeiffer HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1908Bungalow1, garage
530 Thurston St. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1996Ranch/CondoNone
531 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890Western FarmhouseGarage
532 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
532 7th Ave. SWBallack HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1913BungalowGarage
532 Baker St. SEVance HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributing1890ItalianateNone
532 Calapooia St. SWC. Pfeiffer Tenant HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1890StickNone
532 Ferry St. SWCharles Pfeiffer HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1900Queen AnneGarage
532 Jackson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Western FarmhouseNone
532 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1910BungalowNone
533 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890VernacularNone
533 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890/1935ItalianateNone
535 11th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1932English CottageNone
537 3rd Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1936Art ModerneNone
537 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1950ColonialNone
538 2nd Ave. SWJohn Crawford HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1865Classic Revival1, attached shed
538 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Western FarmhouseNone
538 4th Ave. SWThomas Monteith Jr. HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1889Queen Anne/VernacularNone
538 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1917BungalowGarage
539 3rd Ave. SEWilliam Richards HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1910American Four SquareGarage on Jefferson
539 5th Ave. SWMalcom Monteith HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1888ItalianateGarage
540 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1916BungalowGarage
540 2nd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1925BungalowNone
540 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowAttached Garage
540 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1915VernacularGarage
540 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1915Bungalow602-612 Jefferson St
540 6th Ave. SWMarshall HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen AnneGarage, on Calapooia
540 7th Ave. SWMcCoy HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1901ItalianateGarage, Calapooia St
540 Maple St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen AnneGarage
540 Railroad St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
548 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965RanchNone
602-606 3rd Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1935Tudor610-614 3rd Ave. SW
605 3rd Ave. SEPrettyman HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1880Gothic VernacularNone
606 3rd Ave. SEFrank Howe HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributing1908CraftsmanNone
606 5th Ave. SEThomas Umphrey HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1875Gothic FarmhouseNone
606 5th Ave. SWBriggs HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1875ColonialGarage on Calapooia
606 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900ItalianateNone
606 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1919BungalowNone
606 Baker St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1878Western FarmhouseNone
606 Calapooia St. SWBently HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1889StickNone
606 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920ColonialNone
606-608 2nd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1885French Second Empire205 Jefferson St. SE
607 Broadalbin St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1937Art ModerneGarage
607 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970VernacularNone
610 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Colonial CottageGarage
610-614 3rd Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1935Tudor602-606 3rd Ave. SW
612 Baker St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1940VernacularGarage
612 Broadalbin St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925BungalowGarage
612 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1935VernacularNone
612 Maple St. SWSpink HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890Queen Anne CottageSee Other
613 Jackson St. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1960VernacularNone
613 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920Western FarmhouseNone
614 3rd Ave. SEGuy Howe HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1908CraftsmanNone
614-616 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1940Post WW IINone
615 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925BungalowGarage
615 3rd Ave. SESears HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900CraftsmanGarage
615 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Non-Contributingc.1905CraftsmanNone
615 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Colonial RevivalNone
615 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1975RanchNone
615 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowApt. 730 Calapooia
616 11th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Non-Contributing1938Minimal Traditional 
616 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanVacant  None
617 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890Western FarmhouseNone
617 6th Ave. SWPfeiffer HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageGarage
617 Walnut St. SWStewart HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910CraftsmanGarage
618 2nd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1925BungalowGarage (W)
618 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
618 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1917BungalowNone
618 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1880Western FarmhouseNone
618 7th Ave. SWStalnaker HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1909CraftsmanGarage
618 Montgomery St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage
618 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900CraftsmanGarage
620 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Western FarmhouseNone
620 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915Craftsman622 4th Ave. SW
620 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1935English CottageNone
620 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1975RanchNone
620 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900Western FarmhouseNone
620 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage
620 Vine St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1905American FoursquareGarage
620-624 3rd Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1905American FoursquareNone
621 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1889Italianate CottageNone
621 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1895Western FarmhouseNone
622 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Non-Contributingc.1920Vernacular620 4th Ave. SW
622 Walnut St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1880Western FarmhouseGarage
623 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Non-Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageGarage
623 9th Ave. SWStringer HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1904CraftsmanNone
623 Jackson St. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970RanchNone
623 Maple St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900CraftsmanNone
624 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1949ColonialGarage
624 Baker St. SERalston HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1930ColonialNone
624 Broadalbin St. SWBlain HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1906Colonial RevivalGarage
624 Maple St. SWHockensmith HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowCarport
624 Montgomery St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1905BungalowNone
624 Washington St. SWBerry HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895ItalianateGarage
625 12th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1922Colonial Revival 
625 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowNone
625 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1898Western FarmhouseNone
625 6th Ave. SWSchnebly HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1994VernacularGarage
625 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1890ItalianateNone
625 Walnut St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920Colonial CottageGarage
626 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925BungalowGarage
626 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Western Farmhouse CottageGarage
626 3rd Ave. SWDr. Beaucamp HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1913BungalowNone
626 5th Ave. SEWorrell HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1913BungalowGarage
627 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970ModernNone
627 5th Ave. SEPaschal Donley HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Western Farmhouse/StickGarage
627 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1942World War IINone
627 Baker St. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1900/1973VernacularNone
627 Broadalbin St. SWMiller HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1898Queen AnneGarage, on 7th Ave.
627 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1959RanchNone
628 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890Western FarmhouseNone
628 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965ModernNone
629 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1945VernacularNone
629 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1949Post WWIIGarage
629 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowNone
629 Montgomery St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageCarport
630 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1917BungalowGarage
630 3rd Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageNone
630 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1868VernacularNone
630 5th Ave. SWDr. Hill HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1875/1911Western FarmhouseGarage on Vine St.
630 6th Ave. SWMorgan HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1885/1908CraftsmanNone
630 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1878Gothic RevivalNone
630 Montgomery St. SEBuhl HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributing1880/1903Queen AnneNone
630-632 2nd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890ItalianateNone
631 11th Ave SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1961Split Level 
631-641 11th Ave SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1960Split Level 
632 Baker St. SERalston HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1889Eastlake/StickNone
632 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1895ItalianateNone
632 Walnut St. SWHulbert HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1880ItalianateSee Other
632 Washington St. SWBaltimore HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1893Queen Anne/StickGarage
633 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1975RanchNone
633 Washington St. SWGoodwin HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1908VernacularGarage
634 Calapooia St. SWCallahan HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1889Queen AnneNone
635 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1996Ranch/CondoNone
635 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970Ranch721 Vine St. SW
635 Baker St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1940VernacularGarage
636 11th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1890Queen Anne 
636 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1889Stick CottageGarage
637 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1917BungalowNone
637 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1870VernacularNone
637 5th Ave. SWBarrett HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1909CraftsmanGarage on Vine St.
637 9th Ave. SWMerrill HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1877VernacularGarage
638 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Non-Contributingc.1870/1920Vernacular640 4th Ave. SW
638 5th Ave. SEMoses Parker HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1875Gothic FarmhouseGarage
638 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1905VernacularNone
638-644 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1949Post WWIINone
639 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1880Western Farmhouse/GothicNone
639 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1895Western FarmhouseNone
639 Montgomery St. SEAustin HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1918BungalowNone
640 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890Western FarmhouseNone
640 11th Ave SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970Ranch 
640 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1996BungalowAttached garage
640 3rd Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageNone
640 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890VernacularNone
640 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1870/1920VernacularNone
640 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1898Italianate CottageNone
640 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1975Ranch707 Vine St. SW
640 Maple St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage, on 7th Ave.
651-661 11th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Non-Contributing1945Vernacular 
660-680 Railroad St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1890/1960VernacularNone
697 Jefferson St. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1974ModernNone
701 4th Ave. SWWillamette Valley Power Co.MonteithHistoric Contributing1912Utilitarian3, see Other
702 Lyon St. SENoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign CommercialNone
703 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Queen Anne/VernacularNone
704 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributing1889Italianate CottageNone
704 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageNone
704 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925BungalowNone
705 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1917BungalowNone
705 11th Ave SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1946WWII Era Cottage 
705 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanVacant  None
705 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965RanchNone
705 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributing1900Queen Anne CottageNone
705 6th Ave. SWFlinn HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895ItalianateGarage
705 7th Ave. SWMcDermott HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1928CraftsmanNone
705 Lyon St. SEMartin & Adeline Cameron HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1906Colonial RevivalNone
706 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1949Post WWIINone
706 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1890Italianate CottageGarage
706 Ellsworth St. SWTrain HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1886Queen Anne206-210 7th Ave. SW
706 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965RanchNone
707 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1885Italianate CottageNone
707 Broadalbin St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowGarage
707 Vine St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1975Ranch640 7th Ave. SW
707-719 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965RanchNone
708 11th Ave SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1946WWII Era Cottage 
710 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970Ranch3, see Other
710 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965RanchNone
710 Walnut St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940VernacularNone
710-712 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970RanchNone
711 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900VernacularGarage
712 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1889Italianate CottageRear Garage
712 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890False Front CommercialNone
714 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1950Post WWIIGarage
714 Broadalbin St. SWYoung HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1905Queen Anne CottageGarage
714 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1960RanchNone
714 Montgomery St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
715 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900ItalianateGarage
715 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
715 Lyon St. SECurl HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1916BungalowGarage in rear
716 1/2 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1950BlockNone
716 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1885Western FarmhouseGarage w/ apartment
717 10th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1949Post WWIIGarage
717 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1889Italianate CottageNone
717 Broadalbin St. SWBarnum HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1885Queen AnneGarage
717 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Colonial CottageNone
718 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1889Italianate CottageNone
718 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1860Western FarmhouseNone
718 7th Ave. SWMaple SchoolMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1939Castellated GothicNone
718 Washington St. SWSimpson/Duncan HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1908Colonial RevivalGarage
719 11th Ave SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1946WWII Era Cottage 
719 9th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1946Post WWIIGarage
720 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900Queen AnneGarage
720 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900CraftsmanNone
720 Walnut St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1950VernacularNone
721 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Bungalow1, garage
721 Vine St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970Ranch635 8th Ave. SW
722 Calapooia St. SWGordon HouseMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1915VernacularNone
722 Maple St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen Anne CottageGarage
723 Ferry St. SWCusick HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1909CraftsmanNone
723 Walnut St. SWMcDaniel HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1900Queen Anne CottageNone
724 Baker St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1880/1985Western FarmhouseGarage
724 Broadalbin St. SWThe ManseMonteithHistoric Contributing1890StickGarage
724 Calapooia St. SWSchool HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940Colonial CottageNone
724 Ellsworth St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1905CraftsmanGarage
724 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1960RanchNone
724 Lyon St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1929Norman FarmhouseNone
725 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage
725 6th Ave. SWZuell HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1862/1895Gothic RevivalNone
725 Ellsworth St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1917BungalowNone
726 5th Ave. SWSchmitt HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1900Colonial RevivalGarage, on Maple St.
726-728 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970VernacularNone
727 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1915CraftsmanNone
727 9th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1930Vernacular 
727 Ellsworth St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1880ItalianateNone
728 10th Ave SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1952Neo-Colonial 
728 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1880ItalianateNone
728 6th Ave. SWDickinson HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1892StickCarport, Maple St.
728 Ellsworth St. SWSt. Mary Parish Rectory HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1909Colonial Revival820-822 Ellsworth St
728 Montgomery St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1950Post WW IIGarage
729 7th Ave. SWSender HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1908CraftsmanClass building
729 Baker St. SEYoung/Torbet HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1880/1930Gothic RevivalNone
730 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970ModernApartments
730 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920Bungalow615 8th Ave. SW
730 Washington St. SWCathey HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1906Colonial RevivalGarage
731 Broadalbin St. SWDawson HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1910Colonial RevivalGarage
731 Lyon St. SETroutman HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 9116BungalowGarage on north side
732 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1880Western FarmhouseGarage
732 Broadalbin St. SWBridgeford HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1888ItalianateGarage
732 Walnut St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen Anne Cottage911 8th Ave. SW
733 Lyon St. SECusick HouseHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1885ItalianateGarage
733 Walnut St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1946Post WWII825 8th Ave. SW
734 9th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1915Bungalow 
734 Baker St. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowNone
734 Lyon St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowGarage
735 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900Queen Anne CottageGarage
735 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890ItalianateNone
736 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1889Italianate CottageNone
737 10th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1917Bungalow 
738 5th Ave. SEOdd Fellows Lodge HallHacklemanNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1940VernacularNone
739 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1890Western FarmhouseNone
739 6th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1900Queen Anne CottageGarage
739 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910CraftsmanGarage
739 Washington St. SWBean HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1906Colonial RevivalGarage
740 11th Ave SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1946Vernacular 
740 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1890Gothic RevivalNone
741 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1885Western FarmhouseNone
802 5th Ave. SWMerrill HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1906Queen Anne2, see Other
803 5th Ave. SWCougill/Williamson HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1903Queen AnneGarage in back
804 10th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1938Late 19th/20thc Revival 
804 11th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1939WWII Era Cottage 
804 3rd Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1880VernacularNone
804 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1960RanchNone
804 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1919BungalowGarage
804 Broadalbin St. SWHulin HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1883French Second EmpireGarage on 8th Ave.
805 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Non-Contributingc.1889Italianate CottageNone
805 5th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1940VernacularGarage
805 5th Ave. SWCougill HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1896ItalianateGarage
805 Ellsworth St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1965Northwest RegionalNone
805 Walnut St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Colonial CottageGarage
806 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1889Italianate CottageNone
806 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc1878-1902Gothic RevivalGarage
807 4th Ave. SENoneHacklemanHistoric Contributingc.1889Italianate CottageNone
807 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1898Queen Anne CottageGarage
808 Calapooia St. SWRedfield HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1870ColonialGarage
808 Elm St. SWAnderson HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1909CraftsmanGarage on south side
808 Washington St. SWKnowdell HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1939TudorGarage
810 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributing1935Norman CottageGarage
810 Lyon St. SWWolverton HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1889ItalianateNone
810 Walnut St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1975ModernNone
811 Washington St. SWOhling HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1905CraftsmanGarage
812 10th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1938Minimal Traditional 
813 10th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1909Arts & Crafts/Craftsman 
813 Walnut St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Colonial CottageGarage
814 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1880VernacularGarage
815 6th Ave. SWBamford HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1908Queen Anne/VernacularNone
815 Broadalbin St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1990Modern Gothic820-822 Ellsworth St
815 Maple St. SWBrandenberry HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1908BungalowNone
815 Waverly Drive SEGerig HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1895Queen AnneGarage in rear (east
816 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1875Western FarmhouseNone
816 8th Ave. SWHoover HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1919BungalowGarage
816 9th Ave SWFry, R William & L Francis, HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1911Bungalow 
817 8th Ave. SWForman HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1885Western FarmhouseGarage
817 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen Anne CottageNone
818 11th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Non-Contributing1942Minimal Traditional 
818 6th Ave. SWSpink HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1890Queen Anne CottageSee Other
818 Broadalbin St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1916BungalowGarage
819 9th Ave SWHoflich, George & Elva, HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1908Arts & Crafts/CraftsmanGarage in rear
820 4th Ave. SWIanthe Smith HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1911BungalowNone
820 8th Ave. SWRohrbough HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1865Classic RevivalGarage
820 Maple St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1935Bungalow 
820-822 Ellsworth St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1990Modern Gothic2, see Other
821 6th Ave. SWAllison HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1912CraftsmanGarage
821 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1919BungalowNone
821 Maple St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1940Vernacular 
822 10th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1938Minimal Traditional 
822 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Colonial CottageGarage
822 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1880Western Farmhouse/GothicNone
822 Ellsworth St. SWSt. Mary's Catholic ChurchMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1990EclecticNone
822 Lyon St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Non-Contributingc.1890Vernacular832 Lyon St. SW
823 4th Ave. SWDannals HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1895Queen AnneNone
823 9th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1940Colonial Revival 
823 Walnut St SWStellmacher HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1909Arts & Crafts/Craftsman 
824 Broadalbin St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910CraftsmanGarage
824 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1905CraftsmanGarage
824 Washington St. SWParker HouseMonteithHistoric Non-Contributingc.1900VernacularGarage
825 10th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1915Arts & Crafts/Craftsman 
825 11th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1943WWII Era Cottage 
825 5th Ave. SWConn HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1878Western FarmhouseGarage in back
825 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910CraftsmanGarage
825 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1949Post WWII733 Walnut St. SW
825 Walnut St SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1974Ranch 
826 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940Colonial CottageGarage
826 9th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Non-Contributing1925Bungalow 
827 11th Ave SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1947WWII Era Cottage 
827 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910BungalowNone
827-837 11th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Non-Contributing1940WWII Era Cottage 
828 11th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Non-Contributing1945WWII Era Cottage 
828 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925ColonialGarage
829 Washington St. SWConn HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1892StickGarage
830 10th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1938Minimal Traditional 
830 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925English CottageGarage
832 Broadalbin St. SWMontanye HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1888Italianate315 9th Ave. SW
832 Lyon St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Non-Contributingc.1900Vernacular822 Lyon St. SW
832 Washington St. SWGoodwin HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1878Western FarmhouseGarage, on 9th Ave
833 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithVacant  None
834 9th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1910Bungalow 
837 10th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1910Bungalow 
837 7th Ave. SWRichards HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1922BungalowGarage
837 Ferry St. SWFisher HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1909BungalowNone
838 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915CraftsmanNone
838 Ferry St. SWAnderson/Pendleton HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1920BungalowGarage on 9th Ave.
839 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Non-Contributingc.1890ItalianateNone
839 5th Ave. SWThompson HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1885Western Farmhouse1, garage
839 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1935Arts and CraftsGarage, on Walnut St
840 2nd Ave SEWise HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1920BungalowGarage in rear off M
840 5th Ave. SWHolman HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1908CraftsmanGarage
840 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1910CraftsmanNone
840 Maple St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1936Minimal Traditional 
842 10th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1938Late 19th/20thc Revival 
845 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1925Cape Cod ColonialNone
855 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970RanchNone
899 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940ColonialNone
904 9th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1915Bungalow 
905 6th Ave. SWWoodworth HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1933English CottageGarage
905 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1945ColonialGarage
906 11th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1940Tudor 
906 6th Ave. SWJackson HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1884ItalianateGarage on Walnut St.
906 Maple St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1920Bungalow 
907 Calapooia St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1914BungalowNone
908 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1975ModernNone
909 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940ColonialGarage
910 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900Queen Anne/VernacularGarage
910 9th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1915Bungalow 
911 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1880ItalianateSee Other
911 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen Anne Cottage732 Walnut St. SW
914 5th Ave. SWConner HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1859/1900Colonial RevivalNone
915 7th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1940VernacularNone
915 Maple St SWRoyce HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1915Bungalow 
915 Walnut St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1910Bungalow 
916 11th Ave SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1959Ranch 
916 7th Ave. SWHall HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1911BungalowNone
918 11th Ave SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1960Ranch 
920 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1960InternationalNone
920 9th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1920Bungalow 
920 Walnut St SW MonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Sign1963Ranch 
921 10th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1915Bungalow 
921 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1929Norman CottageGarage
922 Washington St. SWAbernathy HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1886Italianate CottageNone
924 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowGarage
924 Maple St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1922Bungalow 
925 5th Ave. SWMarsh HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1913BungalowGarage
925 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970RanchNone
925 Broadway St. SWWorth & Lucy Huston HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc.1904Western FarmhouseGarage in rear, west
925 Walnut St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1910Bungalow 
926 11th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1940WWII Era Cottage 
926 Maple St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1922Bungalow 
928 Ferry St. SWHamilton HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1895Queen Anne CottageNone
929 10th Ave SWRoss HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1906Vernacular/Western FarmhouseGarage in rear
930 9th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1915Bungalow 
930 Walnut St SW MonteithHistoric Non-Contributing1915Vernacular 
931 Calapooia St. SWSears HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1919BungalowNone
931 Washington St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1929Norman CottageGarage
932 Washington St. SWHowland HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1902Queen AnneNone
934 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1915BungalowGarage
934 Maple St SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1922Bungalow 
935 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1950RanchNone
936 Takena St. SWW.E. Witchey HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc, 1910CraftsmanCarport off Tenth Av
936-938 8th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1970VernacularNone
937 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1935Norman FarmhouseGarage
938 Calapooia St. SWWard HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1889StickNone
939 2nd Ave SESimpson HouseLocal InventoryLocal Inventoryc. 1885Italianate CottageGarage in rear off H
940 11th Ave SW MonteithHistoric Contributing1945Ranch 
940 4th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1975RanchNone
940 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1930ColonialNone
940 6th Ave SWKimsey, Wiley & Mildred, HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1907Arts & Crafts/CraftsmanGarage in rear off E
940 Ferry St. SWMonteith HouseMonteithHistoric Contributing1877ItalianateNone
945 6th Ave. SWNoneMonteithNon-Contr, Outside Period of Signc.1975RanchGarage, attached
949 5th Ave. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1895Queen Anne CottageNone
952 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900American FoursquareNone
955 5th Ave. SWHughes HouseMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1889Western Farmhouse/StickGarage
964 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithHistoric Contributingc.1900CraftsmanNone
976-978 Ferry St. SWNoneMonteithNon-Historic, Non-Contribc.1970Modern405-407 11th Ave. SW
Ferry St.NoneDowntownVacant Parking LotNone
Ferry St. AlleyNoneDowntownVacant  337-339 2nd SW

The style of windows and pattern of openings in a building is one of the single most important elements in defining its character and the date of construction. Retaining and celebrating authenticity applies to windows, too. Replacement windows, no matter how accurate, never reflect the nuances of the original.

windowsIn a short walk in the historic neighborhoods in the downtown area, you will find an incredible variety of different window styles. Early wood windows were characterized by the small panes. As the sash thickness increased by the turn of the century, muntins took on a thinner appearance as they narrowed in width but increased in thickness. Changes in technology led to the possibility of larger glass panes so that by the mid-19th century, four-over four and two-over-two lights were common – but then gave way to the one-over-one sashes by the 20th century. Arts and Crafts houses constructed in the 20th century frequently utilized smaller lights in the upper sash set in groups or pairs and saw the re-emergence of casement windows.

Please visit the following links and download brochures related to historic windows.

NOTE: The City of Albany’s Code requires historic windows to be repaired first. Deterioration needs to include extensive dry-rot such that a sharp object substantially penetrates the wood in numerous locations. Staff must first come out and inspect the condition of windows to document deterioration. If the deteriorated parts of windows cannot be economically repaired then new wood (interior/exterior) replacement parts sashes and sills only that match the original in all details is the next option. New WOOD windows require staff level historic review to ensure that the new window sashes duplicate the original window.

Repairing windows is cost effective and sustainable:

  • Repairing original sash and parts saves the embodied energy used to produce the windows originally and the energy it takes to make new windows.
  • Repairing windows is inexpensive for do-it yourselfers. If you are unable to make repairs yourself or with help from a neighbor, hiring out repairs employs someone locally.

NOTE: Replacing non-original metal, vinyl or other windows is encouraged, but requires a staff level historic review.

If new wood windows are cost prohibitive, then non-wood replacement windows may be considered through the historic review process and approval must be granted by the Landmarks Commission. See the Code standards below.

ADC 7.200. Eligibility for the Use of Substitute Materials. The City of Albany interprets the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation on compatibility to allow substitute for windows only under the following conditions:
(1) The building or structure is rated historic non-contributing OR, in the case of historic- contributing buildings or structures, the existing windows are so deteriorated or damaged that they cannot be repaired and finding materials that would match the original windows is cost prohibitive.

For buildings or structures rated historic contributing or historic non-contributing, the application for the use of substitute materials for windows must follow these guidelines (7.210):
(1) The proposed substitute materials must approximate in placement, profile, size, proportion, and general appearance the existing windows.
(2) Substitute windows must be installed in a manner that maximizes the ability of a future property owner to remove the substitute materials and restore the structure to its original condition using traditional materials.
(3) The proposed material must be finished in a color appropriate to the age and style of the house, and the character of both the streetscape and the overall district.
(4) The proposed windows must not damage, destroy, or otherwise affect decorative or character-defining features of the building. Unusual examples of historic windows may not be covered or replaced with substitute materials.
(5) The covering of existing historic wood window or door trim with substitute trim will not be allowed if the historic trim can be reasonably repaired. Repairs may be made with fiberglass or epoxy materials to bring the surface to the original profile, which can then be finished, like the original material.

Secretary of Interior

Recommended Contractors

Preservation Business Member Directory (from Restore Oregon)

Research Your Property

  • Albany Inventory of Historic Properties: search your address here to find out if your property is a designated historic landmark, and general information about the date of constructions and style.  
  • Contact Albany Planning staff to obtain a copy of any historic inventory survey on file (including photos and volunteer-generated survey data identifying architectural styles and historic features of a structure).
  • Albany City Directories: Names, addresses, some telephone numbers, and other information about the city are available in each directory dating back to 1878. 

Exterior Alterations

Energy Efficiency & Weatherization

Now more than ever, we are all looking for ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. We can do this without compromising the historic character of our buildings. Energy efficiency or performance can be balanced with preservation by respecting and maintaining historic value, integrity and long-term durability. These sites and brochures have lots of tips for maintaining and improving your historic home or building.

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