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For fireworks complaints

Call the police nonemergency line at 541-917-7680. Dial 911 only in case of an active emergency.

Be safe. Be a good neighbor.

On July 4

7 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Albany Fire Department will respond, calling in police officers if necessary.

After 9 p.m.

Albany Police Department will respond. Police officers can issue citations for illegal fireworks (ORS 480.165) and unnecessary noise (AMC 7.08.050) and take further actions if necessary. 

When you’re done celebrating

Please clean up used fireworks to keep them out of our water system. Used fireworks contain pollutants like perchlorate. Perchlorate exposure can result in thyroid disorders and is especially harmful to pregnant women and newborns.

republic fireworks safety

The City of Albany Public Works Department is in the final phases of developing an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan (SETP) for the Public Works Department that is focused on facilities within the public right-of-way. As this project reaches its final phases, the City is also starting the process to complete a citywide ADA SETP encompassing the other departments and all City programming.

The City is seeking people interested in participating as members of an advisory group for the planning project. As a member of the advisory group, one can expect to participate in up to three meetings throughout the development of the Plan, which will include:

  • discussion of the ADA Self-Evaluation of City programs, activities, and services;
  • identifying and establishing priorities for barrier removal; and
  • review of the ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan.

All meetings will be held remotely due to COVID-19 health concerns.

The City is looking for input from:

  • People with disabilities;
  • Other individuals and members of groups that encounter barriers related to accessing City services, such as parents of children with disabilities;
  • People with experience and knowledge of ADA planning and requirements or those who serve populations with disabilities; and
  • Any other interested Albany residents.

If you are interested in serving on this advisory group, please contact:

Eric Ikenouye
Disability Access Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Bird is a private micromobility company providing scooters for rent in the City of Albany.

In March, the city council approved a one year trial of the scooters in Albany. There is no financial benefit to the City. As part of the Memorandum of Understanding, Bird will share ride data with the City. This data may inform the City of changes that need to be made to Bird's operational area and identify other community transportation needs in the future.

What if I have a comment or complaint?

Bird is responsible for handling community concerns about their product with the help of their local manager(s). You’ll find Bird's contact information prominently displayed on the vehicles or you can use the information below to report a vehicle that needs to be picked up, report inappropriate rider behavior, or request or remove scooters on your property.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bird's Community Concerns page

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The charger is located in the city-owned parking lot behind the JC Penney Building (adjacent to Water Avenue, between Broadalbin and Ferry Streets).

downtown parking v7

Show me this charger on PlugShare

Have some time during your charge?

Check out downtown Albany's many unique shops and restaurants!

How to Use:

This charger is part of the EV Connect network.

First, you'll need to make a FREE EV Connect account to use the charger. Start by downloading the EV Connect Driver App:

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Instructions are also posted on the charger itself.

Charles Bonville takes the inaugural charge from the City's new public EV quick charger

Charles Bonville takes the inaugural charge from the City's new public EV quick charger on Wednesday, September 29.

Who can use it:

  • Any EV driver whose car is able to quick charge.
  • This station is equipped with both CHAdeMO and CCS/SAE connectors.
  • Tesla users are welcome but will need their own adapter.


$0.35/kWh; The City is charging users a fee in order to cover the costs of running the station. Fees may change over time as usage trends become clear.

Yes; if you are parked in the spot but no longer charging, you will be charged a fee of $15 per hour after a 30-minute grace period. This is to ensure that the station remains open to as many users as possible throughout the day.

Yes; users will need to create an account with EV Connect. This is FREE and easy to do:

Drivers can call the dedicated help line at 866-816-7584. If the station is in maintenance or has an issue, EV Connect technicians will keep an updated status on PlugShare and the EV Connect app.

Payment is secure and easy through the EV Connect app or fob. There are no credit card readers or cash options at this station.

This amenity is made possible through a grant partnership with Pacific Power. While the grant covered all start up costs, the station will remain open through the use of minimal charging fees.

Charging speed is different for every car depending on your battery management system; this EVSE will go up to 24kw.


Today, Saturday, Oct. 1

9:00 am1:00 pm

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