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Under Strategic Plan FY2017 through FY2021

City Manager’s Office

  • Received the 2017 ICMA Award of Excellence for Performance Management.

CARA and Economic Development


  • Funded an $8 million street improvement project to be completed in early 2018.  The project includes new ADA ramps, street lighting, street trees, and improvements to the water and sewer lines in the downtown area.
  • The Albany Historic Carousel & Museum, a $5.6 million investment in Downtown Albany, was completed in August 2017.  Through a Developer Partnership Agreement, CARA provided funding totaling $749,500 over several phases of the project.  The Carousel receives over 2,000 visitors per month and has recorded more than 160,000 hours of volunteer time to date.

Economic Development

  • Responded to information inquiries within requested time frames 100 percent of the time. 
  • Worked with Ameri-Tool Industries, Inc., to retain 25 jobs in the city of Albany.
  • Made multiple visits to local businesses to engage and better understand their current challenges.

Community Development

  • Managed the Sustainable City Year Program partnership with the University of Oregon through to successful completion.
  • Completed Central Albany Code Amendment Project.
  • Initiated a comprehensive audit of the Albany Development Code to identify possible amendments and analysis needed to comply with state and federal law, implement best practices, and achieve long-term goals for facilitating development consistent with the Comprehensive and other adopted plans.
  • Managed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) programs that serve Albany low- and moderate-income or at-risk residents in accordance with federal requirements.


  • Received the Excellence in Financial Reporting Award. 
  • Received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award.
  • No findings of noncompliance in the annual audit.
  • Moody’s credit rating was increased to Aa3. 


  • Objective SC-1:  Completed construction of Fire Station 11 and moved in October 2017.
  • Objective SC-8:  Continued conversations regarding relocating the City bus storage.  Refilled Department Training Chief position to continue to move this objective forward.
  • Objective SC-9:  With assistance from Lebanon Fire District, expanded coverage for single-role medic unit to provide second unit availability.  Continuing to explore expansion and cost-recovery for Community Paramedic position.
  • Objective SC-10:  Received ambulance revenue in excess of budgeted amount.  Funds to be committed to Department equipment replacement.  Unsuccessful in grant request to replace medic unit.
  • Objective SC-14:  Received SAFER Grant; hired and trained six new firefighter positions.

Information Technology

  • Successful deployment of the multijurisdictional CAD/RMS system.
  • Successful upgrade of the MuniCourt system and City’s virtual infrastructure.


  • The Library partnered with United Way and other partners to provide books to over 1,000 Albany youth under age 5.
  • The Library partnered with five other Linn County libraries to provide a courier system that delivered materials amongst those libraries.
  • The Library received over $60,000 in grants and donations.
  • The Library partnered with Greater Albany Public Schools (GAPS) to facilitate student IDs to function as Albany Public Library cards.

Parks & Recreation

  • Secured use of gyms for P&R programs at Timber Ridge School and at the Boys & Girls Club of Albany.
  • Operational effectiveness:
    • increased donations of cash for department activities from $7 to nearly $10 per capita. 
    • reduced maintenance costs per developed park acre from $3,000 to $2,700. 
    • maintained the property tax subsidy for all P&R activities at 60 percent or lower. 
    • maintained consistent levels of total park acres and developed acres per 1,000 residents, despite population growth. 
    • renovated and/or replaced playground equipment at several parks.


  • A public facilities bond was approved by voters in May 2015 for the construction of a police station and main fire station.  A contractor was selected through a bid process and construction on the new police station began in August 2016.  The new police station is slated to be completed in November 2017.

Public Works

  • Completed purchase and installation of 320 new membrane modules at the Albany-Millersburg Water Treatment Plant.
  • Implemented Stormwater Utility.
  • Completed analysis of treatment and reuse alternatives for waste solids handling at the Albany-Millersburg Water Reclamation Facility.
  • Participated in the development of the first Albany Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Regional Transportation Plan including a Transit Development Plan for Albany Transit System.
  • Continued to implement Strategic Energy Management to achieve >5% reduction in energy consumption in water treatment and delivery systems.
  • Completed design and initiated construction on CARA’s downtown streetscape and utility improvement projects.
  • Converted a significant portion of the City’s water right permit into a permanent water right, which creates greater security of source of water supply into the future.
  • Completed portable SDC evaluation.
  • In partnership with the Calapooia Watershed Council, provided over 20 days of outdoor learning and over 30 classroom presentations about natural resources to area youth.
  • Implemented emergency preparedness improvements, such as additional Uninterrupted Power Supplies, improved communications equipment, and installation of a repeater for the department UHF radio network.
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