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The City Council serves on the CARA Advisory Board, and each member appoints a counterpart member on the CARA Advisory Board. Advisory Board members generally live or own property or businesses in the Central Albany area.


Term of office: 3 years

Bill Ryals1/13/2021Ward 1-b12/31/2022
Floyd Collins4/13/2022Ward 3-a12/31/2022
Cye Larson1/13/2021Ward 3-b12/31/2023 1st
Mark Spence C3/17/2010Mayor12/31/2023 4th
Roosevelt Gray3/17/2021Ward 2-a12/31/2023 1st
VacantWard 2-b12/31/2024
Camron Settlemier2/16/2022Ward 1-a12/31/2024 1st

*Appointments within six months of position start date are considered full term.
C = Chair, VC = Vice Chair

Central Albany Revitalization Area (CARA) Advisory Board includes lay members (above) and the full Albany Revitalization Agency.

Staff Liaison

Seth Sherry
Economic Development Manager

Upcoming Meetings

CARA Advisory Board meets as-needed.

There are no upcoming meetings scheduled for this group.

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Meeting Materials


There are no documents available for this group in 2023.

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