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The City of Albany continually strives to meet the needs of all Albany citizens. This webpage will become the primary source of information on obtaining assistance with accessibility-related questions, comments, and requests.

Rules for accessible parking in lots, on streets


What is accessible or "handicapped" parking? Why aren't there more spaces for people with disabilities? Why is accessible parking required in that parking lot?

The state of Oregon sets the laws and standards regarding accessible parking in parking lots and includes specifications for the number of accessible spaces and how they are designed. Almost every parking lot is required to have accessible parking of some kind. Businesses, places of employment, medical offices, and City Hall are all examples. The City of Albany enforces the state requirements and investigates complaints when they arise.

Businesses and facilities with only on-street parking may not have a designated accessible space. Often, businesses share spaces on the streets. Albany has a few spaces like this in the downtown area. They include areas near the Linn County Courthouse, Linn County Armory Building, and the state employment office. The federal government has studied accessible parking significantly, and the City strives to meet those guidelines in order to provide the best level of access possible for citizens with disabilities.

Accessible parking benefits a large portion of the community and has a direct effect on people's daily lives. Helping property owners to develop good parking is a goal of the City's Accessibility Program. 

Phase I Disability Access Transition Plan

The City of Albany is completing a plan to resolve accessibility issues in several of its public buildings. The plan will include findings from evaluations conducted on different City facilities, streets and parks, identify physical obstacles in each that limit accessibility, and will propose to make the areas accessible through stated methods and timeframes.

The Phase I Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan is part of an ongoing effort to increase and ensure accessibility in the City's programs and activities. 


Contact Accessibility Staff

If you have a question, comment, or request, contact us using the information below or call 541-917-7500 (TTY dial 711 or 800-735-2900) and you will be directed to the appropriate person.

  • Accessibilty requests at public meetings (including hearing assistance)
  • Building and sidewalk accessibility issues
  • Bus and other transit issues (including Call-A-Ride)
  • Human Resources issues (including hiring)
  • Pedestrian crosswalk signals
  • Web site issues
  • Any other accessibility issues
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