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Assignment completed; group disbanded.

Task force (ad hoc) to help collect necessary data to determine Albany's housing and community development needs.  The housing needs' assessment provides the background data of a strategic plan with specific courses of action (consolidated plan required by HUD) that would be the foundation of Community Development Block Grant program development.

The task force will consult and coordinate with the jurisdictions and agencies that provide housing-related assistance and services and continuum of care and health services to assess existing programs and community development needs in Albany.  The task force will make recommendations to the Council on community development needs that could be supported with CDBG funding and other funding sources.


  • Danniel Butler, Albany Resident & Former Low-Income Housing Recipient
  • Floyd Collins, City Councilor, Alternate
  • John Donovan, Albany Helping Hands
  • Bill Higby, Jr., Home Builders And Lending Institutions
  • Lynn Hinrichs, Albany Police Department, Neighborhood Watch
  • Wanda Kinney, Albany Area Habitat For Humanity
  • Terry KnollVice Chair, Community Services Consortium/HEART
  • Sharon KonopaChair, Mayor
  • Ray Kopczynski, City Councilor
  • Frank Moore, Linn County Mental Health
  • Larry Nelson, Albany Resident
  • Debra Powell, Faith Community
  • Dala Rouse, Planning Commissioner
  • Joann ZimmerChair, Linn County 10-Year Plan To Address Homelessness

Agendas, Agenda Packets, and Minutes Archive


There are no documents available for this group in 2018.