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The Albany Development Code was written many years ago and has evolved over time. It governs how land is developed and used in Albany, addressing how and where uses are allowed, how they will look, and how they might affect neighboring properties. The code affects every property in Albany.

The Albany Development Code Amendments Task Force is a group appointed by the Albany City Council to take a new look at the code. Albany residents at large along with individuals who work in land use, building design and construction, and land development, are being asked to review the code and recommend improvements, focusing on: 

  • Procedures that create clear and objective, and discretionary review options; 
  • Building and site design standards;
  • Standards for buffers and transitions between uses; 
  • Parking requirements, especially for multi-family development;
  • Land division standards and procedures; and
  • Impacts to housing options.

The project will build upon earlier community planning efforts, such as the Great Neighborhoods project, and will influence the design of new buildings and development sites for many years to come. It will affect how development applications are reviewed and should give developers more certainty and flexibility than the current code provides.

Regular Meetings


TBD, noon-1:30 p.m..
The task force will meet 10-12 times in the first 12 months, 6-8 times the second year, and no more than twice a month. 

The group’s work will take about two years, starting in September 2018 and finishing in summer 2020.


Albany City Hall. Check agenda for meeting room location.

See the Events & Public Meetings Calendar for exact Meeting dates.


  • Chris Equinoa, Community Development Commission Representative
  • John Pascone, Business and Industry Representative
  • Cordell Post, Planning Commission Representative
  • Larry Preston, Skilled Trades Representative
  • Dave Reece, Developer Representative
  • Candace Ribera, Developer Representative
  • Bill Ryals, Developer Representative
  • Wayne Scheler, Ward III Resident Representative
  • Janet Steele, Business and Industry Representative
  • Dan Watson, Ward I Resident Representative
  • Joann Zimmer, Ward II Resident Representative
Term of office


City Staff Liaison

Bob Richardson 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meeting Materials

DateAgendaApproved Minutes
September 13, 2018 PDF (122KB)