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Under Strategic Plan FY2016 through FY2020

City Manager’s Office

  • Received ICMA Award of Excellence for Performance Management.

CARA and Economic Development


  • Retooled CARA programs with a new focus on increasing assessed value, eliminating blight, and resorting Albany’s historic resources and a heavy emphasis on job creation.
  • Began work on next round of public infrastructure investment, including a public open house to understand priorities.

Economic Development

  • Economic Development Director worked with 18 existing businesses to help remove barriers to job creation.
  • Responded to information inquiries within requested time frames 100 percent of the time.

Community Development

  • Successfully completed an update to the floodplain development code, including reference to the new Flood Insurance Rate Maps for North Albany as required by the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Managed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) programs that serve Albany low- and moderate-income or at-risk residents in accordance with federal requirements. Services included infant abuse prevention services, court-appointed special advocates for children removed from their homes, shelter and case management for at-risk youth and for women and children, emergency housing assistance, housing rehabilitation, and small business development. Additionally, the City, with CDBG funds, finalized engineering for Sunrise Park storm drainage in preparation for a park remodel.
  • Over the last four months, the Community Development Department has processed to a final decision approximately 30 land use applications and has held 40 land use pre-application meetings with potential applicants.


  • Received the Excellence in Financial Reporting Award.
  • Received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award.


  • Objective SC-1: Completed purchase on a portion of property needed for a new downtown fire station. Took numerous steps toward replacing existing Fire Station 11; project reviewed by the Public Safety Facilities Review Committee; selected a design team that has completed the initial building design; voters approved General Obligation Bond for safety facilities.
  • Objective SC-9: Continued conversations regarding relocating the City bus storage. This will continue moving forward.
  • Objective SC-9: Continued discussion regarding opportunities for regional training.
  • Objective SC-12: Completed identification of funds needed to sustain equipment replacement for the next six years.

Information Technology

  • Received Digital Cities Survey 2015 Award.
  • Received the Government Technology’s Top 25 Doers, Dreamers, Drivers Award.


  • The Library partnered with United Way and other partners to provide books to over 1,000 Albany youth under age 5.
  • The Library partnered with five other Linn County libraries to provide a courier system that delivered materials amongst those libraries.
  • The Library received over $60,000 in grants and donations.
  • The Library partnered with Greater Albany Public Schools (GAPS) to facilitate student IDs to function as Albany Public Library cards.

Parks & Recreation

  • Secured use of gyms for P&R programs at Timber Ridge School and at the Boys & Girls Club of Albany.
  • Secured addition by donation of 94 acres to Oak Creek Greenbelt.
  • While reducing the number of FTEs in the department by 17 percent since 2009:
    • increased donations of cash for department activities from $7 to nearly $10 per capita.
    • reduced maintenance costs per developed park acre from $3,000 to $2,700.
    • maintained the property tax subsidy for all P&R activities at 60 percent or lower.
    • maintained consistent levels of total park acres and developed acres per 1,000 residents, despite population growth.
    • shifted 0.6 FTE from local property tax support to grant-funded program.
    • renovated and/or replaced playground equipment at seven parks.


  • Worked with the Linn County Sheriff’s Office on a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new shared Computer-Aided Dispatch/Records Management System. The current shared system is 25+ years old. The new Computer-Aided Dispatch/Records Management System is scheduled to go live in April 2017.
  • A public facilities bond was approved by voters in May 2015 for the construction of a police station and main fire station. A contractor was selected through a bid process and construction on the new police station began in August 2016. The new police station is slated to be completed in September 2017.

Public Works

  • Continued to implement an Energy Management System at the Water Reclamation Facility resulting in a predicted annual savings in energy consumption of almost one million kwh.
  • Received the First Place Paving Award for an Urban Street from the Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon for North Albany Road.
  • Conducted a significant amount of public education and outreach efforts to further the creation of a stormwater utility.
  • Negotiated new water sales and maintenance agreements with the City of Millersburg.
  • Claim of Beneficial Use testing completed to perfect City water rights.
  • Completed purchase and installation of 960 new membrane modules at the Albany-Millersburg Water Treatment Plant.
  • Upgraded the Umatilla Lift Station by adding a force main and capacity to reduce unpermitted sewer overflows.
  • Implemented emergency preparedness improvements, such as additional Uninterrupted Power Supplies, improved communications equipment, and installation of a repeater for the department UHF radio network.