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Open Budget

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The Open Budget application is updated annually and presents financial information through an interactive platform that enables residents to explore and better understand where tax dollars are being spent.  

Demo Video: English | Español

Open Expenditures

Launch Open Expenditures

The Open Expenditures application displays interactive financial information about the City’s expenditures. This information is updated nightly, therefore rendering up-to-date expenditures for the city. These expenditures include interdepartmental fund transfers as well as funds that are paid to external sources.

Demo Video: English | Español

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Performance Management Scorecards and Workload Indicators

Show Performance Management Scorecards
and Workload indicators

A breakdown by department of key workload indicators and progress toward performance goals over several fiscal years.

This information is updated annually.

Strategic Plan Scorecards

At-a-glance measurement of yearly objectives from the four themes of the City of Albany Strategic Plan, updated annually.

Show "Great Neighborhoods"

Show "A Safe City"

Show "A Healthy Economy"

Show "An Effective Government"

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Where Do Your Property Taxes Go?

The property taxes you pay each year go to several sources. Use this calculator to show where.

Your Property's
Assessed Value:


Web Services NEW!

Uptime Status

Monitors services and sites that are a part of This information is updated every five minutes.

Visitor Analytics

Basic public visitor data for city web pages. This information is updated daily.