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Direct Lobbying

The city does not use a lobbying firm for general lobbying activities.

Elected officials may from time to time advocate for or against legislation either as individuals or as a result of a position officially adopted by the City Council. Any Council actions taken can be found in the minutes of the City Council.

Professional Organizations & Memberships

The following listing contains information about those organizations that the city, or city staff, have membership in. Some of these entities may engage in lobbying activities; others may not. Albany is reporting all memberships listed in our financial system.

The organizations shown below are often professional organizations that are used to keep abreast of information relating to the area of interest of the organization and/or to maintain professional certifications of staff. The organizations may or may not engage in advocacy for or against legislation or issues pending before governmental agencies.

Positions taken by an organization the city is affiliated with do not necessarily reflect the views of the Albany City Council. The official views of the Council are found in minutes of their meetings, and are generally reported in the Albany Democrat-Herald.

The membership amounts shown are the total membership cost, not the cost per membership, and should not be viewed as amounts spent solely on lobbying activities. Information about each organization and their activities can be found by following the links provided.



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Public Works