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12/8/2009 11:29 AM 33280 _Data_Description.doc
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2/25/2016 3:07 PM <dir> ESRIGeoDatabase
9/6/2012 3:11 PM <dir> Metadata
2/4/2016 11:59 AM <dir> OrthoPhoto
3/29/2017 2:14 PM <dir> PrintableMaps
8/20/2015 9:14 AM <dir> ShapeFiles
10/11/2012 12:51 PM 168 web.config

Other places to find City GIS Data

GIS information can also be obtained by visiting the Main Library, or the Public Works or Community Development counters at City Hall. At the library, a public access terminal is located at the reference desk. At City Hall, staff can assist the public with accessing GIS at front counter terminals. All locations provide the ability to review property specific information.