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This Commission implements the City Hall Arts Master Plan and advises the City Council on issues related to public art. Their projects include raising funds for the purchase of City Hall art, overseeing rotating and temporary exhibits of art, developing a community strategy for public art, and selecting or rejecting art offered for donation.

Established by City Council policy

City Hall Gallery Call to Artists


Term of office: 3 years

Melissa Babcock Saylor VC
1/12/2011Ward 1-a12/31/2022 4th
Julie Jackson C1/27/2016Ward 2-a12/31/2022 2nd
Keith Lohse
museum director, art history major
1/13/2021Ward 3-a12/31/2023 1st
Joann Zimmer
1/13/2021Mayor12/31/2023 1st
Adam Burt
1/13/2021Ward 2-b12/31/2023 1st
Nolan Streitberger
representative of local arts community
1/12/2022Ward 1-b12/31/2024 1st
Leesa Bright
representative of local arts community
1/12/2022Ward 3-b12/31/2024 1st

*Appointments within six months of position start date are considered full term.
C = Chair, VC = Vice Chair

Staff Liaison

Kim Lyddane
Parks & Recreation Director

Upcoming Meetings

February 8, 2022, 3:30pm

March 8, 2022, 3:30pm

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Meeting Materials

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Member & Staff Manual

This manual is intended to function as both a guideline and a governing framework for the City’s standing and ad hoc advisory groups.

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