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The Albany Arts Commission manages the display space inside the lobby of City Hall, 333 Broadalbin Street SW. We welcome requests for exhibit of all visual arts. The following are our selection criteria and application process.


Albany Arts Commission will jury artwork before exhibits are accepted.

  • Artists will supply examples of work to the Albany Arts Commission before the deadline listed.
  • Artists must include a short bio or artist’s statement.
  • Guilds and galleries are encouraged to apply and will be treated as a single artist/exhibit.
  • Depending on the applicant pool, exhibits may be considered for one or two month periods.
  • Artists may submit pieces for review each year; however, priority may be given to new artists.

Selection of work

Artists will be notified if they have been selected within sixty (60) days of the application deadline. All members of the community* may submit their work to the Albany Arts Commission for consideration.

  • Albany Arts Commission will jury artwork before exhibits are accepted.
  • Albany Arts Commission will be responsible for determining the quality and merits of the art. The Commission reserves the right to refuse any art.
  • One criterion for determining the acceptability of art will be its space requirements or size.
  • Albany Arts Commission is prohibited from displaying pornographic or obscene material pursuant to ORS 167.087.

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Displaying your artwork

All arrangements for scheduling the installation, exhibition, and removal of the show are at the discretion of the Albany Arts Commission. If your work is accepted you will receive an "Information for Exhibiting Artists" handout about hanging and space requirements, installation, and other details.

  • Work that is deemed too fragile or unsafe for display will not be accepted.
  • Suggested maximum weight is 15 lbs.; although exceptions may be made.
  • All pieces must be appropriately and securely framed and mounted for display as described in the Information for Exhibiting Artists handout.
  • Each of the works of art need to be accompanied by an information tag with title, artist, medium, and price (if necessary).
  • An inventory list of all items shown in City Hall is required by the Albany Arts Commission to be kept on file.
  • The artist is required to sign an “Incoming Loan Agreement”.

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Sales of artwork

The artist may choose to price their art and make it available for sale.

  • The Albany Arts Commission takes a 15% commission on all pieces sold.
  • If a piece is sold, a red dot will be placed by the piece to indicate the sale. The Albany Arts Commission prefers to leave pieces up for the duration of the contract.

If you have questions regarding the space or application procedure, contact the Arts Commission liaison, Melissa Kemmer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 541-917-7765.

*Albany Arts Commission members will be subject to the same requirements as community members in exhibiting their work but they must publicly announce to the Commission that they have submitted work for consideration and that member will not be allowed to take part in the selection process.

Serve on a Citizen Advisory Group

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This manual is intended to function as both a guideline and a governing framework for the City’s standing and ad hoc advisory groups.

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