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The Audit Committee aids City staff in the selection of highly qualified City auditors and to assure clear and complete transmittal of audit results to the City Council and the community.


  1. Review with the Finance Department and/or staff those firms or individuals proposed for appointment as City auditors in succeeding years.
  2. Recommend to the City Council of the appointment of those certified public accountants whom the Committee deems best suited to perform the annual City audit.
  3. Discuss, as necessary, with the City auditors, any additional or particular areas of inquiry or audit focus which they deem desirable or appropriate.
  4. Receive, consider, and transmit to the Albany City Council the results of the annual City audit.

Established by City Council policy


Term of office: 2 years

Sue Folden C
Budget Committee Member
11/14/200712/31/2019 6th
Sharon Konopa
10/25/200612/31/2019 7th
Alex Johnson II
City Councilor
1/9/201912/31/2020 1st
Bessie Johnson VC
City Councilor
1/9/201312/31/2020 4th

C = Chair, VC = Vice Chair   Find your council ward

Staff Liaison

Jeanna Yeager
Finance Director

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