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The Public Safety Commission advises the City Council on matters pertaining to funding, operation, maintenance, facilities and other aspects of the Albany Fire and Police departments. Its mission is to help those departments maintain high standards and deliver the highest quality emergency safety services to the residents of Albany.


Term of office: 4 years

Adam Brenneman1/23/2019Ward 2-b12/31/2022 1st
Cynthia Greene C3/14/2012Ward 3-a12/31/2022 2nd
Nick Fowler VC
Rural Fire District Representative
1/11/2012Council12/31/2023 3rd
Kevin Kreitman1/13/2016Mayor12/31/2023 2nd
Loyd Henion2/22/2012Ward 1-a12/31/2024 3rd
Erik Anderson9/8/2021Ward 1-b12/31/2024
Pat Kidd10/13/2021Ward 3-b12/31/2025 1st
Evan Church1/10/2018Ward 2-a12/31/2025 2nd

*Appointments within six months of position start date are considered full term.
C = Chair, VC = Vice Chair

All appointees shall be residents of the city of Albany, defined as maintaining their principal place of residence within the corporate boundaries of the city of Albany as they exist at the time of appointment. Should an appointee no longer meet the residency requirement, the appointee will vacate the seat immediately and the appointing Council member shall seek a replacement as soon as possible. (RES 6797, 2019)

Staff Liaisons

Marcia Harnden
Police Chief

Shane Wooton
Fire Chief

Upcoming Meetings

August 3, 2022, 7:00pm
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October 5, 2022, 7:00pm
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Meeting Materials

April 6, 2022  Available after meeting 
February 2, 2022  Available after meeting 
*Minutes are posted when they are approved by the body at a subsequent meeting.

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Member & Staff Manual

This manual is intended to function as both a guideline and a governing framework for the City’s standing and ad hoc advisory groups.

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