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Administration and Miscellaneous

Policies related to the administration of the City and general City Council functions.

Citizen Advisory Groups

Policies applicable to volunteer-based groups that are advisory to the City Council.

Community Development (Planning and Building)

Policies related to the authority, objectives, and requirements of the Planning and Building Divisions, which oversee development within the Albany city limits.

Emergency Services (Fire and Police)

Policies related to the responsibility, authority, and missions of the Fire and Police Departments.

Fee Schedules

Rates, fines, fees for service, system development charges (SDCs), permit fees, and special connection charges for various City of Albany services of the Finance, Fire, Library, Parks & Recreation, Community Development (Planning and Building), and Public Works Departments.


Policies related to Finance Department functions including City investments, risk management, budgeting and banking authority, and records information management.

Parks & Recreation

Policies related to the effective management of the City's park resources and recreational activities of the community.


Policies related to City employee compensation and benefits and the City's expectation for employee commitment and excellence.

Public Works

Policies related to the administration and operation of the City's water, sewer, stormwater, streets, transportation, and transit systems.
For copies of policy documents listed on this page which are not available online, please submit a Public Records Request form to the City Clerk.

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