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PolicyCurrent PolicyAdopted
Albany Enterprise ZoneResolution 6768February 13, 2019
Allowing City Staff to Provide Administrative and Operational Assistance to CARAResolution 5030August 25, 2004
Audio Recordings Retention ScheduleResolution 6208April 10, 2013
City Council Compensation and Reimbursement PolicyResolution 5707November 24, 2008
City Managers Pro TemResolution 7013June 9, 2021
Conversion of Public Property for Private Use by City Employees or OfficialsResolution 1688April 9, 1975
Criminal History Records Check PolicyOrdinance 5717June 24, 2009
Denial of Property Tax Exemptions Related to House Bill 2079Resolution 4303June 28, 2000
Director and Hearings Officer for AMC Chapter 6.18, Dangerous DogsResolution 6442July 20, 2015
Disorderly or Abusive CitizensResolution 3117December 4, 1991
Display of FlagsResolution 7242June 14, 2023
Failure to have a majority vote of the councilResolution 2598February 12, 1986
Limited English Proficiency PlanResolution 6402April 8, 2015
Liquor License Application Recommendation GuidelinesResolution 2451March 28, 1984
Meeting Times for City CouncilResolution 6966February 10, 2021
Municipal Court Judges Pro TemResolution 7175January 11, 2023
Relationship with Shitara, JapanResolution 4176October 13, 1999
Representation by City Councilors Following the Creation or Modification of Ward BoundariesResolution 3174June 10, 1992
Signing AuthorityResolution 5183August 24, 2005
Signing Authority for Short-Term LeasesResolution 5895March 10, 2010
Sister City Relationship with the Municipality of Santa Maria Huatulco, Oaxaca, MexicoResolution 6354August 13, 2014
South Santiam Enterprise Zone PolicyResolution 4401March 28, 2001
Utility Bill MailingsResolution 5324September 13, 2006
For copies of policy documents listed on this page which are not available online, please submit a Public Records Request form to the City Clerk.

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