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PolicyCurrent PolicyAdopted
Ambulance FranchiseResolution 1442August 9, 1972
City Support of GAPS Weapons PolicyResolution 3415September 28, 1994
Deadly Physical Force Plan for Linn CountyResolution 6820June 26, 2019
Emergency Conflagration ActResolution 2156March 12, 1980
Mutual Assistance AgreementsResolution 6685April 25, 2018
Natural Mitigation PlanResolution 7196April 12, 2023
Notice to Property Owners of Certain Illegal ActivitiesResolution 4613January 23, 2002
Oath of OfficeResolution 2312February 24, 1982
Removal of Homeless Persons Camping on Public PropertyResolution 5252May 10, 2006
For copies of policy documents listed on this page which are not available online, please submit a Public Records Request form to the City Clerk.

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