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Proclamations are issued by the mayor of the City of Albany. They may recognize a day, week, or month. The goal of a proclamation is to honor, celebrate, or create awareness of an event or significant issue.


  1. All proclamations must be submitted at least 30 days in advance to be considered for approval and production of the document.
  2. Proclamations are not automatically renewed. Requests must be made annually. If the request is for a repeat of a previous proclamation, a copy of that document should be included with the request.
  3. The City of Albany reserves the right to approve or decline a proclamation request and to edit any drafted material for final wording.
  4. Each proclamation request must come from an Albany resident or through a representative of an organization based in Albany. This includes requests from out-of-state, national, or international organizations.
  5. Please provide a contact name and phone number or email address.
  6. Original proclamations will not be returned automatically to the requestor. The requestor must specifically indicate whether the signed original proclamation needs to be returned and provide:
    • The date by which the proclamation needs to be received. Be sure to include sufficient time to receive the hard copy via postal mail.
    • The address to which the signed original proclamation should be mailed.
  7. Submit proclamations for approval:

Holly Roten
Central Administrative Officer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Content of a Proclamation

  1. Proclamations must not be used in whole or as part of an advertisement or commercial promotion.
  2. Proclamations should reflect inclusiveness, not exclusiveness, and recognize that the strength of our democracy is our diversity. It must not take sides in matters of political, ideological, or religious controversy, or individual convictions.
  3. Proclamations must have citywide significance and demonstrate relevancy to the city of Albany and its citizens.

Format Requirements of a City of Albany Proclamation

  1. Provide the specific date(s) or timeframe (e.g., the month of May) that the proclamation is intended to recognize.
  2. Each request must be in the proclamation template (including the WHEREAS sentence structure); however, the City of Albany reserves the right to alter the wording of any requested proclamation.
  3. Proclamations must be in 12 point font and fit on three-quarters of letter-sized paper to allow room for the Mayor’s signature as well as the seal of the City of Albany.

Download the Proclamation Template (Word .docx file)

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