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New Online Permitting Tools, buildingeye and Accela Citizen Access

The City of Albany is launching two new interactive online tools, Building Eye and Accela Citizen Access, as part of the City's transformed permitting process for the development community. These tools let residents know exactly what type of development is proposed for their neighborhood and where it will be built. The tools also allow contractors and homeowners to complete simple over-the-counter transactions online.

Building Eye allows residents and business owners to see what new land-use planning, building, and public works activities are proposed in their neighborhood. The Building Eye tool takes current and historical permit records and puts them into a user-friendly map to make it easy for the public to see a complete history on an address or parcel.  

Accela Citizen Access allows the community to access many services that have traditionally been performed at the counter at City Hall, including applying for certain permits, requesting an inspection, paying fees, and checking on the status of permits.  In addition, the City's Building Division will soon be using real-time mobile inspection technology that allows inspectors to communicate instantly about the status of an inspection as soon as a review is completed in the field. 

These tools build on the functionality acquired in the 2015 upgrade of the City’s 25-year-old permitting system. They complement electronic plan review, a significant customer service enhancement the City introduced in 2014. 

Please contact Tari Hayes, 541-917-7566, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.