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Results of Lead Testing in Drinking Water in City Buildings

The City of Albany has received the first results from tests for the presence of lead in drinking water at several City-owned public buildings.  Four samples, collected in two buildings, showed lead above the 15-parts-per-billion (ppb) action level established by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

The City tested buildings that have the greatest frequency of use by the public or that were constructed at a time when lead solder and fixtures were used.

  • Three of 11 samples collected at the Albany Senior Center, 489 Water Avenue NW, had levels of 15, 18, and 21 ppb.  These samples came from the sink in the front activity room, a sink in the adjacent meeting room, and one in the large dining hall.
  • One of nine samples collected at Albany City Hall, from the sink faucet in the Willamette meeting room, tested at 28 ppb. 

Faucets at each of these sample sites are being replaced, and water will be retested within the next few weeks.

Water was also tested at the Downtown Carnegie Library, 302 Ferry Street SW; Main Library, 2450 14th Avenue SE; Maple Lawn Preschool, 1950 Salem Avenue SE; Fire Department Station 12, 120 34th Avenue SE; and the Public Works Operations building, 310 Waverly Drive NE.  No lead was detected in samples from Maple Lawn Preschool or Station 12.  The Carnegie Library and Operations samples each returned a maximum of 4 ppb.  Results of 26 samples from the Main Library are pending.

More information about what the City is doing to address lead in drinking water, including test results, can be found at

The City of Albany fully complies with all state and federal regulations for lead and copper testing.  The City’s routine test results, along with other public water systems in the state, are at the Oregon Public Health Authority’s Drinking Water Data Online webpage:  Albany’s annual Water Quality Reports are posted at  Additional information about lead in drinking water is available at