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Stormwater Service Charge Began March 1, 2017

The City of Albany will begin charging for stormwater services effective March 1, 2017.  The money from the service charge will help provide limited funding for stormwater maintenance and repair activities and compliance with regulatory requirements.  The stormwater service charge will be shown as a new item on City utility bills. 

At the same time the new stormwater charge begins, the rates for sewer services will be reduced by six percent (6%), and rates for water services will be reduced by two percent (2%).  The first utility bill that includes the stormwater charge will be prorated to reflect service charge changes for less than a full month.  Future bills will reflect the full monthly service charge for stormwater as well as a full month’s service charge reduction for water and sewer services.

Stormwater management services have been the subject of several Albany City Council work sessions since January 2015.  During these discussions, the City Council learned about stormwater operation and maintenance needs, regulatory requirements, and potential funding options for meeting those needs and requirements.  Albany’s water and sewer programs are supported by dedicated service charges. In November 2016, the City Council adopted a dedicated charge for stormwater services to be effective March 1, 2017.  Find out more information, including information about service charges for typical properties, at

For more information, contact Mark Yeager, 541-917-7676.