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It's time to fire up the lawnmower.

Vegetation on residential properties and vacant lots in Albany must not be more than 10 inches tall; encroach on neighboring property, sidewalks or streets; be poisonous to the touch; create a fire hazard; or block vision at intersections or driveways.

The Albany Municipal Code that addresses tall grass and weeds changed in 2017. The regulations now apply year-round. Chronic violators received warnings last year; this year, properties in violation will receive a ticket with a deadline to take care of the problem. Mow before the deadline, let us know you’ve done so, we’ll re-check and, if the lawn or vacant lot is in compliance, we’ll send a request to Municipal Court to dismiss the charge. If it’s not, you could pay a fine of up to $1,000.

Report vegetation violations online or by calling 541-791-0181; report vision clearance hazards to 541-917-7600.