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Albany's drinking water: a message from City Manager Peter Troedsson

Albany’s drinking water is as safe today as it was last week. We have strong technical reasons to believe that the testing we’re conducting will not show cyanotoxin in our drinking water, but data from the test results won’t be available until next week.  Water utility staff will be happy to further explain the reasons technical below. 

  1. Our intake is farther from Detroit reservoir and is on the mainstem which has higher flow and is mixed with water from the South Santiam.
  2. The Albany-Millersburg plant uses membrane filtration. Most Cyanobacteria are too large to pass through the membranes and are filtered out.
  3. City of Gates, which takes water upstream from Salem, uses membrane filtration and did not test positive for cyanotoxin in its finished water.
  4. One way to remove cyanotoxin is to have a longer than normal chlorine contact time. We have chlorine contact time of over 100 minutes at the AM plant which should be long enough to neutralize the toxin, if it is present.

All of this leads us to believe that our treated drinking water continues to be safe to drink.  The Albany water supply is regularly and frequently tested according to State mandated standards.  We remain vigilant for any signs of contamination and will ensure that our customers receive prompt notification of any detected problems. 

Peter Troedsson
Albany City Manager