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July 2 tests show Albany water is safe to drink

Applies to City of Albany, City of Millersburg, and Dumbeck Lane Water District

Samples of finished City of Albany drinking water collected Monday, July 2, 2018 show no cyanotoxins in Albany’s drinking water. The City received these most recent test results today.

Due to recent harmful algae blooms in Detroit Lake and associated cyanotoxins found in the City of Salem’s drinking water, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) requested Albany sample its water intake on the Santiam River and finished drinking water from the Albany-Millersburg Water Treatment Plant. The finished drinking water samples show no cyanotoxins in Albany’s drinking water.

Sampling at the Albany-Millersburg Water Treatment Plant and Vine Street Water Treatment Plant will continue at the request of the OHA. The Oregon Health Authority is writing new sampling rules for drinking water providers across Oregon in response to the cyanotoxins found in the North Santiam River and Detroit Lake. All sample results from both plants will be posted on the City of Albany website as soon as they are available.

The Albany water supply is regularly and frequently monitored according to OHA standards. We remain vigilant for any signs of contamination and will ensure that our customers are notified promptly if any problems are detected.

Customers with questions may contact the Albany Public Works Department at 541-917-7600.

If you would like to know more about harmful algae blooms and cyanotoxins, visit the Oregon Health Authority website:

Visit the City’s Emergency Management page at for more information including: