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UPDATE: 4/4/2019, 12:05 p.m.

Test results verified the city’s water is safe to use and consume.

Due to loss of pressure in the water distribution system, residents in the affected area were notified to boil the water before consuming. Public Works Department crews repaired, disinfected, flushed and tested the system.

To flush the pipe system within your own home we recommend that you run each cold water tap used for drinking for five minutes. If the water is not clear after five minutes, continue to flush. Remember to flush your refrigerator water line and discard any ice.

Albany Public Works regrets the inconvenience to water customers in the affected area and appreciates their patience.


A contractor working on the Hill Street reconstruction project damaged an 8” water main there at noon on April 3, 2019, affecting water service to 21 customers between 31st and 34th avenues. The main was repaired, but because the break caused a temporary complete loss of water pressure, customers received a warning and notice to boil water before using it. Water has been submitted to a testing lab and results are expected before noon Thursday, April 4. When the warning has been lifted, each affected customer will receive a notice that the water is again safe to drink. If you have questions, please call Public Works at 541-917-7600.