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For one year, Albany Fire Department has provided fire protection and life safety services to the entire city of Millersburg.   

Albany Fire began taking emergency calls in Millersburg on July 1, 2018.  Fire Station 15, 3360 Conser Road, officially opened on October 1, 2018. 

“This has been a mutually beneficial partnership between our two communities,” said Assistant Chief Shane Wooton. “Millersburg has seen a decrease in response times and the City of Albany receives an additional resource to assist with the rising call volume we are experiencing in Albany.”

Albany Fire expects to respond to 10,473 calls for service in 2019.  AFD responded to 9,463 calls in 2018, an average of 25.9 per day.   Calls have increased by 70% in the past decade.

Station 15 responded to 310 calls in this first year. Forty-nine percent of the calls originated in Millersburg and the rest came from Albany, Albany Rural Fire District, and areas of mutual aid.  Responding to both emergency and non-emergency calls averaged 5 minutes, 41 seconds. 

“Providing a permanent presence in Millersburg has reduced response times for the ever-growing community and has given us an opportunity to extend our mission of prevention to a population that we had not accessed before,” shared Public Information Officer Sandy Roberts.   

Albany Fire participated in the Millersburg Celebration and other community events over the year. Department staff also worked with Millersburg businesses to complete 75 fire safety inspections, and reviewed plans for subdivisions, manufactured home parks, and commercial projects for fire safety access and suppression. 

Chief Bradner shared, “The Albany Fire Department has been honored to extend emergency response and life safety services to the entire community of Millersburg over this past year.  We look forward to continuing this positive partnership for years to come.”