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City cancellation notices due to COVID-19 and links to federal, state, and county agencies

We are writing to let you know that the City of Albany has been ordered to provide your email address to a member of the public who is expected to use it for personal non-city business.

On September 23, 2013, Thomas Cordier submitted a public records request seeking “a CD with the email addresses of those who have been emailed the City Bridges publication.” The City refused to supply the requested email addresses arguing, among other things, that the addresses were submitted in confidence and thus exempt from public disclosure under the Oregon Public Records Act. Thereafter, Mr. Cordier, in accordance with law, petitioned the Linn County District Attorney for a review of the City's decision.

On September 30, 2013, District Attorney Doug Marteeny issued an opinion and order determining that, while the majority of the email addresses (those received from Library patrons and utility customers) were exempt, the email addresses that came from Parks & Recreation Department records must be produced. A copy of District Attorney Marteeny's opinion and order is posted on the City website at Of more than 33,000 email addresses, approximately 4,600 must be produced and your email address is among them.

The City apologizes for any inconvenience or unwanted messages and hopes by this email to alert you and your family members that messages from Mr. Cordier or others to whom he may transfer your email address may be forthcoming. Please take whatever steps you deem advisable to protect your privacy and that of your family.

If you originally gave your email address to the City in confidence, based upon an understanding that it would be used only for City business and NOT shared with third parties, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the word "confidential" in the subject line.  No further text is needed in the body of the message.  We will then add your address to our confidential list.


Wes Hare

City Manager


Tuesday, May 26

5:15 p.m. Library Board (Canceled)

7 p.m. Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (Canceled)

7 p.m. Human Relations Commission (Canceled)

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Albany Waterfront Project

Albany Development Code Amendments Project

Housing Needs and Economic Opportunities Analyses

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