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Albany homeowners may be eligible for no-money-down financing and up to $2,000 in instant rebates on energy-saving upgrades from Clean Energy Works Oregon.  Instant rebates are applied directly to a home energy assessment and the cost of energy upgrades, eliminating out of pocket costs.


More than 50 homes in Benton County and Albany have already benefited from the program, which includes an on-site energy assessment of each home that reveals energy-draining problems such as leakage, heat transfers, hole sizes, and infiltration rates.  After an energy remodel, Clean Energy Works does an independent inspection to make sure the home upgrades perform as promised.  Upgrades can include insulation, upgraded windows, high-efficiency space- and water-heating systems, and sealing ducts.

Clean Energy Works Oregon is only available to single-family, detached homes built before 1993 and is available in Albany in collaboration with the Corvallis Environmental Center and Benton County. Homeowners can find information about the program online at  Applications may be done online at no obligation, and paper application forms are available. I f applying online, be sure to include the Instant Rebate code LGBEN.

More information is available at 855-870-0049 weekdays, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.