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The Architectural Assistance program helps fund initial consultation visits with the CARA approved architect. It is intended for exterior projects such as storefronts, or interior work related to significant remodeling.

Program AllocationTimingCARA FundingFees


Equivalent of first consultation visit 


Eligible applicants

  • Property owners who can show fee title
  • Business owners who show written evidence that property owner has authorized work for which application is made

Eligible property

  • Properties must be located within the Central Albany Revitalization Area boundary
  • Qualifying structures include commercial, mixed‐use, and multi‐family buildings

Eligible projects 

CARA will fund the initial consultation with our approved architect. Further architectural work is to be paid by the client.  This is a great way to work thorough design challenges, historic preservation design, or layouts of significant remodels. CARA retains a copy of any reports or materials.  

See the General Information sheet for other important CARA program details.