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The Storefront Revitalization Grant program is intended for exterior projects with significant aesthetic improvement. Properties must have the following zoning: HD, CB, LE, MS. Examples include awnings, signage, exterior lighting, storefront improvements, and associated city fees.

Program AllocationTimingCARA FundingOverall Project CostsMinimum Private MatchFees

Three times per year (March, July, November). 

$2,500 ‐ $10,000 per project $5,000 ‐ $20,000+ 50% of project costs none
  Applications due 2/28, 6/30, and 10/31, respectively.        

Eligible applicants

  • Property owners who can show fee title
  • Business owners who show written evidence that property owner has authorized work for which application is made

Eligible properties

  • Properties must be located within the Central Albany Revitalization Area and in the HB, CB, LE, or MS zones
  • Qualifying structures include commercial and mixed‐use buildings

Eligible projects

Projects that provide significant aesthetic improvement to a property’s exterior are eligible for grant funding, including:

  • Storefronts
  • Awnings
  • Signage
  • Exterior lighting

Interior or deferred maintenance projects are not eligible.

See the General Information sheet for other important CARA program details.