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The City of Albany frequently requests bids, RFPs, and RFQs for a variety of services and projects. The City invites qualified individuals or organizations to respond to these requests by submitting the required materials in accordance with the posted advertisement.

It is imperative to follow the procedures as outlined in the documents posted here or your submission may be non-responsive.

The initial document will give specifications pertinent to the projects or services requested and will list an appropriate contact name.

See also: City of Albany Standard Construction Specifications

Purchase City-owned Property in East AlbanyRFQ/RFP8/7/20179/7/2017
Wayfinding Signs Design & FabricationRFQ/RFP8/7/20178/29/2017
RFP Water Meter Reading ServicesRFQ/RFP7/31/20178/22/2017
Fire Station 11 Hill Street ShutdownRFQ/RFP7/31/20178/15/2017
SS-17-03-B, 2017 Cured-In-Place Pipe ProjectsBid7/10/20177/25/2017
SS-17-03-A, 2017 PIPE BURSTING PROJECTSBid7/3/20177/18/2017
SS-17-09, Lyon and Ellsworth Sewer ImprovementsBid7/3/20177/18/2017
Copier Replacement ProjectRFQ/RFP5/15/20176/14/2017
City Fleet Vehicle Maintenance RFPRFQ/RFP5/8/20176/6/2017
Police Vehicle Tows RFPRFQ/RFP5/8/20176/6/2017
SS-17-04, Marion Lift StationBid5/15/20176/1/2017
Commercial Card-Lock Fuel RFPRFQ/RFP5/1/20175/31/2017
AR-17-02, Apron Improvements, AIP Project No. 3-41-0001-014Bid4/17/20175/16/2017
ST-16-02, Crocker Lane ReconstructionBid4/24/20175/9/2017
ST-15-03-B CARA Street Improvements Phase 2Bid4/12/20175/2/2017
WC-17-03, Canal Bank Repair: 4th Avenue to 5th AvenueBid4/10/20175/2/2017
Event Security ServicesRFQ/RFP3/20/20174/20/2017
Recreational Softball Concessions RFPRFQ/RFP3/27/20174/18/2017
SS-17-08 Skyline Terrace Area Sewer ExtensionBid3/27/20174/11/2017
ST-16-01, Transit Stop Improvements Phase 2Bid3/27/20174/11/2017
Insurance Agent of Record RFPRFQ/RFP2/22/20173/22/2017
Mid-Valley LEPC Philomath Functional ExerciseRFQ/RFP1/27/20172/28/2017
WTP-15-02-B AM WTP Chemical Tank Rehab, SBS Tank ReplacementBid2/6/20172/21/2017
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