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The City of Albany frequently requests bids, RFPs, and RFQs for a variety of services and projects. The City invites qualified individuals or organizations to respond to these requests by submitting the required materials in accordance with the posted advertisement.

It is imperative to follow the procedures as outlined in the documents posted here or your submission may be non-responsive.

The initial document will give specifications pertinent to the projects or services requested and will list an appropriate contact name.

See also: City of Albany Standard Construction Specifications

WC-13-01, Canal Diversion StructuresRFQ/RFP6/6/20166/30/2016
WL-16-04, Meadow Wood Drive Water LineBid6/13/20166/28/2016
SS-16-02, Umatilla Lift Station & Force Main ImprovementsBid5/2/20165/18/2016
SS-16-01, 2016 Pipe Bursting ProjectsBid4/25/20165/10/2016
Executive Search Firm Services for City Manager and Finance Director Recruitment RFPRFQ/RFP3/30/20164/28/2016
SS-16-07, Lochner Road Sewer ExtensionBid4/11/20164/26/2016
Fire Station 11 Relocation ITB, MS-16-02-EBid4/4/20164/19/2016
MS-16-02-D-110, Demolition of BuildingBid3/7/20163/22/2016
Extremely Hazardous Substances Facility Evacuation Planning Segment IIIRFQ/RFP1/29/20163/1/2016
Central Albany Development Code Review RFPRFQ/RFP2/3/20162/29/2016
City Property Mowing ContractBid1/20/20162/17/2016
ST-15-01, 34th Avenue Traffic SignalsBid12/14/20151/12/2016
MS-16-01, Dave Clark Riverfront Trail LightingBid10/19/201511/10/2015
Zoll Defibrillators - Cooperative ProcurementBid11/2/201511/9/2015
WTP-16-01-A, Vine Street Electrical ImprovementsBid10/5/201510/29/2015
Recreation Management SoftwareRFQ/RFP9/1/201510/14/2015
MS-14-01, OPS Crew QuartersBid8/14/20159/10/2015
SS-16-05, Riverfront Interceptor Televising & CleaningBid8/3/20158/18/2015
WL-15-04 College Park Drive Water LineBid7/27/20158/18/2015
WL-15-01, Davidson Street Water LineBid7/13/20158/4/2015
WTP-15-01, Maple Street Pump Station Electrical ImprovementsBid6/15/20157/8/2015
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