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The City of Albany frequently requests bids, RFPs, and RFQs for a variety of services and projects. The City invites qualified individuals or organizations to respond to these requests by submitting the required materials in accordance with the posted advertisement.

PK-19-01, Sunrise Park Path and LightingBid6/24/20197/9/2019
ST-19-05, Waverly Drive: Sidewalk Infill, Curb Ramps, and Crossing ImprovementsBid6/17/20197/3/2019
City Hall Lighting LED Project Bid6/17/20197/2/2019
WL-19-01, Belmont Avenue Area Water Line ReplacementsBid6/17/20197/2/2019
Waterfront Redevelopment DesignRFQ/RFP4/29/20196/4/2019
SS-19-03, 2019 Sewer Point RepairsBid5/13/20195/29/2019
SS-19-05, Riverfront Wet Weather Lift Station and Force MainBid4/22/20195/21/2019
SS-19-01-A, 2019 Pipe Bursting ProjectsBid4/29/20195/15/2019
SS-19-01-B, 2019 Cured-In-Place Pipe ProjectsBid4/29/20195/15/2019
Housing Needs Analysis and Economic Opportunities Analysis and StrategyRFQ/RFP3/27/20195/13/2019
WTP-18-01, Vine Street WTP Accelator ImprovementsBid4/22/20195/9/2019
SS-17-01 Cox Creek Interceptor Improvements Phase 1Bid4/22/20195/7/2019
HMEP Harrisburg Tabletop Exercise RFPRFQ/RFP3/25/20194/19/2019
ST-18-02, Santa Maria Avenue ImprovementsBid3/11/20194/3/2019
Parks Master Plan Update RFPRFQ/RFP1/18/20192/20/2019
Sound Reinforcement ServicesRFQ/RFP1/9/20192/7/2019
ST-19-03 Hill Street Reconstruction: 24th Avenue to 34th AvenueBid1/14/20191/30/2019
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