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Read a "History of the Albany Fire Department" written in 2001 by Kerry Bohanan, Apparatus Operator with the Albany Fire Department from 1975 to 2001.

January 1869 Albany Engine Co. No. 1 is organized.
1869 Hand-drawn pumper was purchased from San Francisco.
September 1875 Linn Engine Co. No. 2 is organized.
May 1876 First steam engine purchased (Clapp & Jones Class 4).
1877 First fire bell was purchased.
February 1878 Albany & Linn engine companies combine to form Albany Fire Department.
1892 Hand-drawn pumper is sold to Stayton Fire Department.
1892 Second steam engine purchased (Clapp & Jones Class 2). In 1899 this steam engine blew up.
1892 Became a paid Fire Department.
1904 First fire alarm box system installed
1907 The first steam engine is traded for a new steamer (American LaFrance Metropolitan). This steamer was purchased from the Hoquiam Washington Fire Department.
1913 First motorized pumper is purchased (1913 White).
1920 Fordson tractor is purchased to pull the American LaFrance steamer.
1925 Replacement pumper is purchased (1925 Seagrave). The 1913 White pumper blew up in route to a fire.
1951 New fire station is built on Lyon Street (Station 11). In November 1999 this station was dedicated to the memory of Chief Hayne.
May 1955 First aerial apparatus is put in service (85’ Peter Pirsch).
August 1955 Frederickson Funeral Home takes over ambulance service.
August 6, 1959 Linn Plywood mill burns. This is the largest fire in the history of the Department. This is also the same day as the famous Roseburg blast.
1963 Oregon Legislature passes a bill mandating that all fire protection equipment be equipped with standard thread for 2½” fire hose coupling and hydrant fittings.
1974 Second fire station is built on 34th Avenue (Station 12). In November 1999 this station was dedicated to the memory of Chief Myers.
1975 Albany Fire Department Museum dedicated.
1976 Albany Engine Co. No. 1 Muster Team is organized.
November 1977 First Hurst “Jaws of Life” hydraulic rescue tool is purchased.
October 1978 “Thumper” mechanical CPR machine is purchased.
September 1, 1979 Ambulance service is taken over by Medical Services, Inc. in Eugene; nine paramedics and firefighters are laid off due to the financial crisis.
June 27, 1980 Ambulance service is again taken over by the Fire Department.
July 1, 1980 Oregon Legislature passes the Smoke Detector Bill. This requires that all rental units and new homes be equipped with a smoke detector.
1982 Fire alarm bell is moved to museum.
July 1983 First citywide computer system is installed with very limited word processor and database capabilities.
1984 Water Rescue Team is developed. AFD is the first fire department in the state to have an officially sanctioned and supported team.
September 1986 ‘Gamewell Box’ fire alarm system is taken out of service.
October 1986 Linn County Sheriff’s Office takes over dispatch in preparation for the new countywide 9-1-1 dispatch system.
May 1988 ‘FireMed’ ambulance subscription program is implemented.
November 1998 Third fire station is built on Three Lakes Rd (Station 13).
November 1998 Fourth fire station is built on Gibson Hill Rd (Station 14).
November 1999 First thermal imaging infra-red heat detecting camera is purchased.
March 2012 Station 12 received seismic rehabilitation and interior remodel; included new siding and exterior paint.
November 1, 2012 Hired six firefighters for two years through FEMA SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response) Grant.