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Q: Where do Ambulances come from? 

A: They come from the Albany Fire Department and are staffed by paramedics who are also fire fighters. They are all Albany Fire Department employees.

Q: Will you take me to the hospital of my choice during an emergency? 

A: Transport decisions are based upon your condition at the time of the call, your preference, your best interest, the closest appropriate facility and medical direction from the hospital.

Q: I have no insurance, what can I do? 

A: We can set up a monthly payment plan. We also have a Financial Assistance program.  The financial assistance is based on the federal poverty level.  To find out if you qualify we need a form filled out and two years proof of income.

Q: Why did I get a bill, don’t my taxes or insurance cover this? 

A: A common misunderstanding is that ambulance services are funded through tax revenue. In fact, ambulance service is set up to operate from user fees. A combination of FireMed members, patients, and third party reimbursements (e.g., Medicare) fund ambulance service in our community. 

Q: Do you charge if the patient is not transported? 

A: We don’t charge for lift assist or assessment.  If a treatment is provided without transport, such as starting an IV or providing medications like dextrose for a diabetic or Albuterol for respiratory distress, then we charge an aid call at a rate of $530.00. This service is not covered by Medicare or Medicare plans.

Q: What methods are available to me to pay my bill?

A: We accept Cash, Check, Visa and MasterCard.

Q: What are the charges for ambulance services?

A: Our base rate is $1350.00, a motor vehicle crash is $1880.00, a transport requiring bariatric equipment $1880.00, an aid call $530.00, and mileage $20.00 per mile

Q: How many ambulances are there?

A: Everyday the Albany Fire Department normally staffs three ALS (Advanced Life Support) Ambulances. In addition, there is also three ALS fire apparatus staffed with at least one paramedic in the crew. More units can be staffed as needed with reserve vehicles for events, inclement weather, or call-back for major emergencies. 

Q: What is FireMed? 

A: FireMed is a membership program designed to provide affordable ambulance service to the community. It is not insurance, but is prepaid coverage in excess of any health insurance or medical benefits. FireMed provides 24-hour Ambulance service for your entire family FireMed covers people in Albany as well as in other cities in Oregon that also have FireMed programs. For more information about FireMed, click here.