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Get the Club™ at a reduced price!

In the past five years over 405 vehicles were reported stolen to the Albany Police Department. The Albany Police Department is offering the Club™ anti-theft protection device to citizens at the wholesale price of $12.50.

clubIn response to the on-going problem of auto theft in Linn County, Albany Police are hoping to help provide citizens with this effective deterrent tool to protect their vehicles from theft. Albany Police Detectives report that no cars using the Club™ have been stolen.

Get yours today from Albany Police during business hours.

Albany Police Department
2600 Pacific Boulevard SW
Albany, OR 97321

Don’t become one of next year’s statistics!

*No refunds will be issued. Exchanges are authorized for defective devices only.

Illegally Parked or Abandoned Vehicles

AMC 13.21.030 Prohibited parking areas.

(12) Upon any street, alley, public parking lot, or parking strip in the City with any vehicle or combination of vehicles which are in excess of 23 feet in length or in excess of eight feet in width between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. of the following day and all day on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

(13) (e) Storage or junkage or dead storage for more than 24 hours.(Ord. 5062 § 1, 1993; Ord. 4702 § 2, 1986).

AMC 13.70.010 Definitions.

(1)"Abandoned" means a vehicle left unoccupied and unclaimed; or in such a damaged or disabled or dismantled condition that the vehicle is inoperable; or not currently licensed through the Motor Vehicle Division, if such a license is required by law.

AMC 13.70.020 Abandoned vehicles prohibited.

(1) No vehicle that the Chief of Police has reason to believe is abandoned shall be parked or left standing on the right-of-way of a City street, alley, or City property for a period in excess of 24 hours.

(2) A vehicle so parked or left standing may be taken into custody by the Chief of Police and shall be held at the expense of the owner of the vehicle. The Chief of Police may use department personnel, equipment, and facilities for removal and storage of the vehicle or may hire other personnel, equipment, and facilities for that purpose. (Ord. 4971 § 1, 1991; Ord 3562 § 2, 1971).

AMC 13.36.180 Motor vehicle or recreational vehicle use for sleeping or housekeeping purposes and related parking restrictions.

It is unlawful, within the City limits, for any person to use a motor vehicle or recreational vehicle for sleeping or housekeeping purposes except as follows:

(1) Within an approved recreational vehicle park;

(2) On the premises of a private residence and with the consent of the occupant of the residence provided that such use by any number of vehicles is limited to not more than seven days in any 90-day period;

(3) Within a required front yard setback, as established by the Albany Development Code, parking of such vehicles is limited to not more than 48 hours.

(4) Within a public right-of-way, parking of self-contained recreational vehicles is limited to 48 hours.