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2016 lateral police officer brochure* A lateral police officer is someone who has completed at least 3 years of continuous service and is in good standing with his/her current/most recent police agency as a sworn police officer (responsible for 9-1-1 calls) for a recognized state, county or city (municipal) entity.

Lateral New Hire Incentives:

  • $4,000 incentive paid on the first regular payroll after start date
  • $4,000 incentive paid after completion of two years of employment

Salary Range:

$4,519 to $5,691 per month  (Salary placement contingent upon qualifications to include years of service as a certified police officer, and any training/assignments in special law enforcement areas.) 

Salary Incentives: 

The following salary incentives shall be applied to monthly base salary upon hire if applicable/approved, and/or as received and assigned/approved.

  • 2% incentive for successfully passing ORPAT *
  • 6% incentive for Bachelors Degree **
  • 3% incentive for Associates Degree **
  • 6% incentive for DPSST Advanced Certification
  • 3% incentive for DPSST Intermediate Certification
  • 5% incentive for Spanish Advanced Level
  • 3% incentive for Spanish Intermediate Level
  • 5% incentive for Field Training Officer assignment 
  • 5% incentive for Detective assignment
  • $4,000 incentive paid on the first regular payroll after start date
  • $4,000 incentive paid after completion of two years of employment
  • Forty-eight (48) hours of Sick leave upon hire
  • Forty (40) hours of Vacation leave upon hire

* Must complete ORPAT within 5 min 30 sec 2X annually to maintain incentive. To view ORPAT information, click here. To view the ORPAT video, click here.
** Degree may be in any field of study.
NOTE:  Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, total education and DPSST certification incentive combined will not exceed eight (8%) percent at one time.

Additional Incentives: 

  • Fronted sick and vacation leave may be considered upon hire at the discretion of the Chief of Police.
  • City-provided uniforms, duty weapon, equipment, and uniform cleaning. 
  • Officers with canine assignment shall receive 10 hrs of overtime credit per month.
  • Annual firearms range membership paid by City. 

Screening Process:

Upon review of application materials, successful candidates will be invited for a full-day screening process to include the Oregon Physical Abilities Test (ORPAT) and formal oral board interview.  Successful candidates will then be placed in an eligibility pool and considered further upon a position becoming vacant.  Prior to a formal offer being extended, selected candidates will be extended a conditional offer of employment contingent upon a successful preemployment background investigation followed by a successful psychological and medical evaluation including drug screen.

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Job Title: Police Officer
Salary: $24.44 - $30.79 Hourly
$4,430.00 - $5,579.00 Monthly **plus incentives if applicable
Job Type: Regular, Full-time
Location: Albany, Oregon

 **Example: If you have a Bachelor’s degree and pass ORPAT, you will receive an 8% increase in pay.  This will bring your starting pay up to $54,911 annually, plus any overtime you work.

Pay StepStep BStep CStep DStep EStep F
Base Pay Per Hour $27.30 $28.54 $29.94 $31.38 $32.84
*Lateral Experience 3 Years 4 Years 5+ Years    
Two-Year Degree (3%) + ORPAT (2%) $28.67 $29.97 $31.44 $32.95 $34.48
Four-Year Degree (6%) + ORPAT (2%) $29.48 $30.82 $32.34 $33.89 $35.47
Successful candidate will be credited 40 hours of vacation leave and 48 hours of sick leave.  Applicants may also be eligible for up to 6% DPSST certification pay with a combined education and certification maximum of 8% of applicant's base rate of pay. *Dependent on experience. 


The Albany Police Department’s Hiring Process:

  1. Initial Application Review
  2. Speed/Video Conference Interview: Five (5) minute face-to-face interview for invited applicants. Applicants living more than approximately 150 miles away, will be given the option for a video conference interview.
    • Oregon Physical Abilities Test (ORPAT): Obstacle course consisting of jogging, jumping, crawling, climbing stairs, crossing a balance beam 6 inches wide by 15 feet long, manipulating a push and pull station, controlling 80 lbs or weight, and dragging a 165 lb. dummy 25 feet , as required by DPSST in 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
    • Written Evaluation/Test: (Ergometrics)
  3. Oral Board Interview: Formal face-to-face interview with interview panel.
  4. Pre-Employment Background Investigation
  5. Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation
  6. Pre-Employment Medical Evaluation
* NOTE: Test scores for the written and physical abilities tests will not be accepted or shared from/with other law enforcement testing agencies. In addition, test scores from this testing process will not be provided to applicants or other testing law enforcement agencies.