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Hiring Process

  1. Apply / Initial Application Review
  2. Speed/Video Conference Interview
    Five (5) minute face-to-face interview for invited applicants. Applicants living more than approximately 50 miles away, will be given the option for a video conference interview.
Oregon Physical Abilities Test (ORPAT)*

Obstacle course consisting of jogging, jumping, crawling, climbing stairs, crossing a balance beam 6 inches wide by 15 feet long, manipulating a push and pull station, controlling 80 lbs or weight, and dragging a 165 lb. dummy 25 feet , as required by DPSST in 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Written Evaluation/Test*

* Test scores for the written and physical abilities tests will not be accepted or shared from/with other law enforcement testing agencies. In addition, test scores from this testing process will not be provided to applicants or other testing law enforcement agencies.

  1. Oral Board Interview
    Formal face-to-face interview with interview panel.
  2. Pre-Employment Background Investigation
  3. Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation
  4. Pre-Employment Medical Evaluation

Lateral Officers

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Qualified Laterals must have 3 or more years of Law Enforcement experience with a 911 responding agency. Laterals may qualify for their Intermediate and/or Advanced Certifications within a year of employment.

Laterals are offered an expedited screening process to minimize trips during the process.

Oregon’s certifying body, the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) honors most out of state academy training. For example, laterals from California only take a 2-week course.

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Our competitive pay and benefit package includes:

Annual salary (DOEE):

(Step B + 2% ORPAT)


(Step F + 2% ORPAT + 10% Incentives)

Education/Certifications Incentives (10% max*)

The following salary incentives shall be applied to monthly base salary upon hire if applicable/approved, and/or as received and assigned/approved.

  • 2% for Physical Fitness**
  • 6% for Bachelor’s Degree***
  • 3% for Associate’s Degree***
  • 6% DPSST Advanced Officer
  • 3% DPSST Intermediate
  • 5% for Detectives
  • 5% for Field Training Officer
  • 5% for Advanced Spanish
  • 3% for Intermediate Spanish
  • Discounted Gym Membership
  • Paid Range Membership
  • Uniforms/Equipment/Cleaning

*Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, total education and DPSST certification incentive combined will not exceed ten (10%) percent at one time. **Must complete ORPAT within 5:30 annually to maintain incentive. To view ORPAT information, click here. To view the ORPAT video, click here. ***Degree may be in any field of study.