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Albany has approximately 128 miles of stormwater pipes, 70 miles of ditches, 2,300 manholes, and 4,200 catch basins along with a growing number of stormwater quality facilities. The total value of these facilities is estimated at more than $100 million (in today’s dollars). It makes good economic sense for these assets to be monitored, maintained, and replaced before they fail and disrupt service, damage property, flood, or require preventable and expensive repairs.

Historically, Albany has not been able to properly manage or maintain stormwater assets due to lack of adequate funding. Consequently, infrastructure continues to deteriorate. The City has been able to do minor cleaning, respond to emergency floods and spills, and sweep streets with money that would otherwise be used for sewers and streets.

Failed stormwater pipe in Albany.  Remains in place.

Albany must do more to responsibly manage our assets, replace failing infrastructure, and clean our pipes.  State and federal regulations make additional demands to manage stormwater. Current resources from the street and sewer funds are not adequate to comply with new regulations and responsibly manage the stormwater system.

Visit Past Presentations and Public Meetings to see the memo, presentation, and meeting minutes where the City Council discussed current operations, maintenance activities and future needs.