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This page is provided as a resource for Albany residents who are interested in reviewing stormwater utility and service charge or user fee material from past City Council meetings and other public meetings. It is intended as the place for residents to access details from the ongoing discussions. It will be updated as additional information becomes available.

November 9, 2016 (Adopt Rate Resolutions) Memo Stormwater Resolution
Water Resolution
Sewer Resolution
October 26, 2016 (Adopt Ordinance) Memo
October 10, 2016 (Outreach, Options, & Resolution)  Memo #1-Outreach
Memo #2-Options
Memo #3-Resolution
n/a Minutes
June 20, 2016 (Tiers and Credits) Memo Presentation Minutes 
June 6, 2016 (Initial Rate Calculations) Memo Presentation Minutes  
April 11, 2016  (Fee Structure Evaluation) Memo Presentation Minutes 
March 7, 2016 (Fee Structure Evaluation) Memo Presentation / Timeline Minutes
February 8, 2016 (Fee Structure Evaluation) Memo Presentation Minutes
November 9, 2015 (Funding Strategies) Memo Presentation Minutes 
August 24, 2015 (Operations) Memo Presentation Minutes 
June 8, 2015 (Regulatory)  Memo Presentation Minutes 
March 9, 2015 (What is stormwater?) Memo Presentation Minutes
January 12, 2015 (Overview) Memo   Minutes