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 Checking for a leak

Be sure that all water using fixtures inside the home and any outside irrigation systems are completely turned off, and make sure no one uses water while you are checking for a leak.

Take your first meter reading, recording all digits on the face of the meter (including the partial units in black) as well as the position of the red dial arm. Wait 10 minutes and repeat. If the position of the red dial arm is the same, and the digits match what you initially recorded, then there does not appear to be a water leak and the system is water tight.

If the position of the red dial arm or the numbers on the face of the meter has changed, water is going through the meter into your system. If no water is being used inside the buildings or for irrigation on the property, water is being lost due to a leak or plumbing problem. You will want to double check the fixtures and irrigation system to make sure that everything is completely turned off.

To find the leak and if you know where your waterline is on your property, you should walk along that route to look for signs of a leak. You may also want to check under your building crawl space to see if water might be leaking there. If you are having difficulty locating the problem, your next step is to contact a plumber.

If you are unable to locate your meter, and would like a City of Albany field representative to show you where it is located and how to read it, please contact Utility Billing at 541-917-7547.

 Leak adjustment

To request a water bill credit due to a leak you must submit the following:

  • Request for Leak Adjustment Form (must be signed)
  • Detailed description of what was leaking, where the leak happened, and when the leak occurred
  • Evidence that the leak has been repaired (receipts for parts, bill from plumber, or letter from the person repairing the leak with details.)
  • Signature verifying the leak has been repaired
  •  Mail the Adjustment Form to Utility Billing (or drop it off)

If approved, the adjustment to your bill will be 50 percent of the estimated excess consumption due to leakage, for no more than the last two billing periods (AMC 11.01.095). No leak adjustment is allowed for a leaking toilet or for negligent failure to repair the leak.

If you have any questions, please call (541) 917-7547, option 4.