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The City of Albany Environmental Services department has been conducting outreach programs to educate the community about our local water resources and the impact humans have on the natural world.  We have focused on many issues including watershed protection, surface water pollution, water conservation, stormwater management, water and wastewater treatment, wetlands, and partnership and volunteer activities.  We encourage YOU to get involved in environmental education through Awareness and action.

We created the Eco Rangers water education program to remind us that we all have a chance to be environmental stewards through everyday actions.  Eco Rangers will host activities to encourage citizens to take part in natural resource protection, restoration, and education.

The Eco Rangers program also provides youth environmental education by strengthening ties with the local schools and community partners.  The Eco Rangers program offers an assortment of classroom presentations, field trips, and special events designed to educate, entertain, and allow students an opportunity to be active environmental stewards.

Albany’s Public Works department offers FREE water related classroom programs and treatment facility tours within the City of Albany.

Classroom Presentations

boy eco rangers

Water Savers

Grade: Preschool-K
Time: 30 minutes

waterdropThis program is designed around an 8 minute video called “Mimi Mouse learns to save water” that provides simple lessons about water, how it is used, and why and how we can learn to conserve it.  Booklets and stickers used in classroom activity that students will be able to take home.

Water Cycle

Grade: 1-2
Time: 45 minutes

faucetStudents will identify water as a natural resource and learn how important it is for all life.  They will learn that water comes in different forms and moves in a cycle on our earth.  Booklets used in classroom activity that students will be able to take home.  

After the Flush

Grade: 3-8
Time: 45 minutes

toiletWhat happens after the flush?  This program uses kitchen wizardry and hands-on activities to understand the fascinating trip our wastewater takes to come clean. Other topics include the water cycle, watersheds, stormwater management, and water conservation.

Volunteer Opportunities

Click here for upcoming volunteer opportunities for the whole family!


twg tour

  • Albany-Millersburg Water Treatment Plant
  • Albany-Millersburg Water Reclamation Facility
  • Albany-Millersburg Talking Water Gardens, 778 Waverly Drive NE

Transportation assistance available by submitting a EE funding application when you register for a tour. 

For more information on funding or other options, contact: 

David Gilbey
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.