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The City of Albany frequently requests bids, RFPs, and RFQs for a variety of services and projects. The City invites qualified individuals or organizations to respond to these requests by submitting the required materials in accordance with the posted advertisement.

Please read all addenda for each bid/proposal due to frequent changes for the safety of City staff and the public. The City is currently requiring submittals by electronic submission only to a secure email repository.

WTP-18-01, Vine Street WTP Accelator ImprovementsBid5/21/20186/12/2018
Provision & Delivery of Low Salt Sodium HypochloriteBid5/7/20186/5/2018
SS-19-05, Riverfront Sewer Interceptor Lift Station and Force MainRFQ/RFP5/2/20186/1/2018
WL-18-01, Peach Tree Lane Area Water LinesBid5/7/20185/22/2018
SS-18-01, 2018 Pipe Bursting ProjectsBid4/30/20185/15/2018
SS-18-07, Skyline Terrace Sewer Main ExtensionBid4/16/20185/1/2018
WC-16-01, Crown Zellerbach Gates ImprovementsBid4/2/20184/25/2018
SS-18-05, Van Vleet & 9th Avenue Sewer RelocationBid4/9/20184/24/2018
Apron Improvements Phase 2, AIP Project No. 3-41-0001-014Bid3/26/20184/24/2018
ST-18-03, 24th & Geary Pedestrian ImprovementsBid4/2/20184/17/2018
Mid-Valley LEPC Philomath Full Scale ExerciseRFQ/RFP3/12/20184/3/2018
Request for Qualifications Consultant Services WWTP-13-01, Water Reclamation Facility Solids Handling Improvement ProjectRFQ/RFP3/12/20183/22/2018
SS-18-06, VLR Aeration Line ImprovementsBid2/26/20183/21/2018
ST-16-01, Transit Stop Improvements Phase 2Bid3/5/20183/20/2018
MS-18-01, Dave Clark Path ADA ImprovementsBid2/19/20183/13/2018
ST-17-01, Oak Street Rehabilitation ProjectBid2/19/20183/7/2018
PK-18-01, Sunrise Park RemodelBid2/5/20182/27/2018
ST-18-01, Hill Street Reconstruction: Queen Avenue to 24th AvenueBid1/29/20182/13/2018
WTP-17-01, Backwash Ponds ImprovementsBid1/15/20181/30/2018
Classification/Compensation & Equal Pay Studies RFPRFQ/RFP12/29/20171/30/2018
Membrane ModulesBid12/8/20171/9/2018
Water Treatment ChemicalsBid10/23/201711/21/2017
City Hall Information Technology Renovation ProjectBid10/30/201711/14/2017
WTP-17-02, Vine Water Treatment Plant ImprovementsRFQ/RFP9/15/201710/17/2017
Enterprise Resource Planning SoftwareRFQ/RFP9/11/201710/17/2017
Takena Landing Boarding Dock ReplacementBid9/11/201710/3/2017
Water Meter BoxesBid8/21/20179/26/2017
Purchase City-owned Property in East AlbanyRFQ/RFP8/7/20179/7/2017
Wayfinding Signs Design & FabricationRFQ/RFP8/7/20178/29/2017
Water Meter Reading Services RFPRFQ/RFP7/31/20178/22/2017
Fire Station 11 Hill Street ShutdownRFQ/RFP7/31/20178/15/2017
SS-17-03-B, 2017 Cured-In-Place Pipe ProjectsBid7/10/20177/25/2017
SS-17-03-A, 2017 PIPE BURSTING PROJECTSBid7/3/20177/18/2017
SS-17-09, Lyon and Ellsworth Sewer ImprovementsBid7/3/20177/18/2017
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