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These are the approved requirements for all FDC, auto sprinkler, standpipe and FACP signs for the City of Albany.

General Requirements

.080 aluminum covered in high prismatic reflective sheeting with red transparency film

FACP signs or stickers (5"H x 9"W recommended)

  • Font size: 2"
  • Stroke size: 0.50"

Signs (9"H x 9"W or 12"H x 9"W)

  • Font size: 1.25"
  • Stroke size: 0.25"
  • Font size: 1"
  • Stroke size: 0.18"
fdc signs1
  • Font size: 1.50"
  • Stroke size: 0.30"
  • Font size: 1"
  • Stroke size: 0.18"
fdc signs2
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